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Every audience deserves to experience the biggest and best content the world has to offer. The heart-stopping moments. The eye-watering impact. We’re here to help.

Together, intuitive AD writers, visually-impaired audiences and cutting-edge technology deliver English and foreign language audio description. Capturing every moment of the visual story in words. Expertly sharing information alongside the natural pauses and dramatic silence. Telling the story without becoming part of it.

Sharing stories with every audience is a skill and a huge responsibility. It’s one that our audio description script writers are passionate about getting right. When it comes to captivating storytelling, let’s include everyone.

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Truly inclusive audio description brings your movies and shows to life for visually impaired audiences around the world.

  • English and foreign language audio description
  • Dedicated in-house AD scriptwriters
  • Visually-impaired QC team to guarantee script quality
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Give every audience access to your content supported by our industry-leading production platforms. Efficient, cost-effective multilingual AD for all genres of entertainment.

  • Efficient self-drive AD recording in platform
  • Remote AD recording eliminates studio costs
  • Utilize synthetic voice technology for fast-turn projects

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