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Before everything else comes the script. The starting point for all localization workflows. Get it right and the project is flying. Get it wrong – even a tiny bit – and that’s duplicated across all your languages.

But don’t panic. When tweaks and changes need to be made, we’re ready. With a scripting service that not only ingests scripts in all shapes and sizes, but then keeps things consistent throughout the entirety of your project.

Any and all changes automatically flow downstream. Managing changes across an entire localization ecosystem so all the right people are notified at the right time. One source of truth that keeps everyone on the same page. Delivering the best quality and hitting the right deadline.



Keep everything consistent and accurate with reliable scripts that feed back and forth into the rest of the localization ecosystem.

  • One script reference for all workflows
  • Increases the accuracy of subsequent localization
  • Shares reference scripts securely in the cloud
Scripting services


Streamline production with automated tools that quickly ingest scripts and make them available for all required localization workflows.

  • Localization workflows can start faster
  • No duplication of scripting efforts and time
  • Dub script adapters start translations sooner


Script changes from prelim to final are reliably and accurately managed using our Delta technology. Keeping all associated workflows moving at pace.

  • Efficiently and automatically manage script changes
  • Ensures affected workflows are quickly updated
  • Supports large scale, day-and-date deliveries

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