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What we do

ZOO Digital provides content creators with the end-to-end services needed to globalize TV and movie content.  Our localization services adapt original content for different languages, regions and cultures. Our media services ensure content is technically compliant for all required streaming service platforms. Through globalization, content creators can extend the reach and financial opportunities for their new and existing entertainment content.

What we offer to clients

Where we work

ZOO Digital Group plc is incorporated in England and Wales (Registration Number 3858881), with registered office at Castle House, Floor 2, Angel Street, Sheffield S3 8LN UK.

ZOO operates from Los Angeles, London, Sheffield, Dubai, Istanbul, Seoul, Mumbai and Copenhagen.

Competitive Advantage

ZOO’s strategy is to develop and employ innovative, proprietary cloud computing systems that deliver significant competitive advantage and clearly differentiate the company from other providers of similar services.

ZOO’s software enables the company to collaborate with a worldwide network of thousands of freelance workers, and to significantly reduce the human capital requirements of service fulfilment, enabling the company to scale its capacity efficiently with high operational gearing. Our clients benefit from accelerated time to market, consistently high-quality standards and competitive prices.

Why invest in ZOO?

Strategically aligned with the world’s biggest content creators and streaming services, ZOO addresses their current needs and anticipates future challenges better than anyone else in the sector. This customer-focused approach to services, solutions and technologies will continue to deliver sustainable, profitable revenue growth.

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