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Equip and empower the next generation.

Unlock doors. Break down walls.

Our entire industry rests on a world of talent. From start to finish, we depend on people. So, let’s do our part. We’re using industry-leading, cloud-based technology to help equip, educate and elevate future generations. Anywhere in the world.

Eliminate barriers and level the playing field.


Our mission is to nurture, train and empower the next generation of audiovisual localization talent.

We’re providing all the practical skills, learning opportunities and tools needed, while partnering with educational institutions and teaching professionals around the world.

Script writer


Our subtitling platform is used in universities across the world to train the translators and subtitlers of the future.

The free-to-access platform gives educators industry-relevant tools to teach students, both in class and remotely. Creating an expansive translator pool – for now and the future.


Talented dub script adapters are in high demand but low supply. We’re here to swing things in your favor.

ZOO’s accredited course is expanding and retraining the global adaptation pool. Developing modern writers for modern content. 

Enrollment is now open for Adapting Dialogue for Dubbing (ADD), the professional development course co-created with the University of Sheffield.

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dubbing actor


Today’s diverse content needs a diverse voice acting community. Thanks to our cloud-based dubbing platform, we can offer more opportunities to fresh talent. Bringing in new voices to authentically represent the characters on-screen.

ZOO Academy Partner - BLK


Our ZOO Academy Partners are leading a growing number of initiatives to proactively build long-term capacity in the localization talent pool.

Academic teaching, practical training and access to real-world localization platforms gives talented linguists and dubbing professionals the opportunity to further develop their creative skills and gain technical proficiency.


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