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Our mission is to nurture, train and empower the next generation of audiovisual localization talent. We’re providing all the practical skills, learning opportunities and tools needed while partnering with educational institutions and teaching professionals around the world.

Equipping, empowering and elevating future generations. Anywhere in the world.



ZOO Academy provides courses to enhance your creative expertise and practical skills. Featuring real-world Hollywood content and professional insights from seasoned localization talent.

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Our cloud-based subtitling and dubbing platforms are used to localize content for the biggest names in entertainment. ZOOsubs and ZOOdubs courses will develop your practical technology skills and make you industry-ready.

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Hear from industry experts in our online courses and interactive masterclass workshops. Leading voice actors, mixers, translators and adapters will share insights to enhance your learning.

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NEW! Subtitling From a Template

In collaboration with AVT Masterclass, this course is led by industry experts, including Prof. Agnieszka Szarkowska, Agnieszka Walczak, PhD, and Łukasz Dutka, PhD. The course combines academic expertise with practical know-how. The diverse backgrounds of the trainers enrich the learning experience, offering a unique blend of knowledge and application.

Learn to efficiently create, format, improve readability and translate authentically into your native language.


Who is this course for?


Aspiring Subtitlers: This course is designed for individuals interested in entering the field of subtitling, providing a comprehensive understanding of the craft, from basic timing rules to advanced translation strategies.


Linguists: Linguists and translators seeking to specialise in subtitling can benefit from this course by honing their skills in timing, text segmentation, and cultural adaptation for effective subtitling in various media formats.


Media Professionals: Professionals working in media production or localisation who require a deeper understanding of subtitling techniques, including editors, directors, and localisation managers, can enhance their expertise through this course.


Please note: All translation exercises are conducted from English to your chosen target language, facilitating the practical application of learned concepts.


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Course: Adapting Dialogue for Dubbing (ADD)

Talented dub script adapters are in high demand but low supply. Co-created with the University of Sheffield, this short course will expand your understanding of script adaptation and give you practical skills needed for life as a script adapter. 

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ZOO Academy provides its cloud-based dubbing and subtitling platforms to educators, free-of-charge. Helping students become industry-ready.


ZOOsubs and ZOOdubs are now used as teaching tools in over 40 universities and institutions across Europe, Asia and South America.

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