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ZOO Digital is your trusted globalization partner. Delivering the strategic solutions, end-to-end services and award-winning technology you need to reach audiences everywhere.

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ZOO Digital makes life easier for the people who entertain the world. Our global teams provide the end-to-end localization and media services you need to reach audiences everywhere. Every step you need to get from post to platform. Trusted by the biggest names in entertainment.

Managed from our global hubs and utilizing a world of industry expertise and talent, we bring the strategic solutions, end-to-end services and ground-breaking technology you need to get the job done.

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ZOO is dedicated to being the globalization partner you need. Delivering all the solutions, services and technology required to reach audiences everywhere. Helping to get your licensed content exactly where it needs to be.

It’s our job to make your life easier. By bringing a world of globalization talent, project management specialists and an award-winning tech hub, ZOO Digital is your end-to-end globalization partner. Get everything you need, with ZOO.

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  • Raúl boasts a two-decade legacy at Disney and a history of shaping the landscape of dubbing.

    As the voice behind iconic characters and the force behind blockbuster adaptations like Coco and Frozen, Raul is instrumental in developing creative, operational and technical processes, ensuring Hollywood-approved quality and spearheading the future of dubbing at ZOO.

  • A seasoned leader and educator, Teresa oversees dubbing across Iberia.

    With 20+ years at Sony Pictures Entertainment, Teresa has led dubbing, VO and subtitling for 200+ international TV titles. Teresa’s impact in Iberian dubbing extends to her role as a professor at the European University of Madrid, guiding the next generation of dubbing talent.

  • Localization expert with a 15-year tenure in media globalization.

    Excelling in operations, Kier is a multilingual ops manager renowned for expertise in teamwork, problem-solving, and project management. His extensive experience contributes to the seamless execution of localization projects, making him a valuable asset in the industry.

  • With 15+ years as a project leader across the Middle East, Anand excels in translating client needs into solutions.

    Anand’s strong belief in technology aligns seamlessly with ZOO’s innovative media localization approach, as he acts as the primary point of contact for all clients in the region.

  • A dubbing industry pioneer with over 20 years as Disney’s Executive Creative Director.

    At ZOO, Mariusz oversees creative and technical quality across CEE, including Poland, Russia, the Balkans, the Baltics and more. Mariusz leverages ZOO’s technology to tap into new talent, cultivating a next-gen talent pool for authentic, modern dubbing.

  • Guaranteeing only the best dubbing quality across The Nordics.

    With 12+ years at SDI Media, managing international dubbing for Warner Bros. and Disney Interactive, Andreas led projects for The LEGO Group in 30+ languages. His extensive background in international dubbing highlights a commitment to industry-leading quality.

  • Leveraging 20 years of industry expertise to recruit and manage the very best global translators.

    Helen’s operational eye safeguards recruitment and relationship building with the highest quality translation talent, underlining her pivotal role in shaping ZOO’s global linguistic team, ready to deliver impeccable content localization.

  • With over 25 years in dubbing, Mapi is on a mission to scout the best talent across Europe.

    A seasoned industry figure, Mapi has led teams on well-known features, animation series, computer games, commercials and more. Mapi’s innovative mindset and deep industry knowledge uniquely position her to identify the next wave of dubbing talent.

  • ZOO Digital Labs leader and industry innovator.

    Spearheading flagship platforms like ZOOstudio, ZOOdubs, and ZOOsubs, Chris closely collaborates with clients, delivering ongoing value through technology. Chris’ passion for tech extends to leading research in AI and machine learning, easing challenges in global entertainment.

  • Heading up ZOO Korea, Jonghyun boasts two decades in leading Korean localization.

    From his early days as an audiovisual translator to key roles at Deluxe and Technicolor, Jonghyun paved the way for founding WhatSub Pro in 2015. At ZOO, he has honed his craft, bringing leading Korean localization to the biggest names in entertainment.

  • Over 25 years of rich experience in Indian film production, post-production, and digital distribution.

    Rajiv has had the experience, exposure, and privilege of working on some of the biggest entertainment features and series across India, showcasing a profound understanding of the region’s production and market needs.

  • Ay Ling is ZOO Digital’s Creative Director for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, contributing 20 years of expertise to international dubbing.

    Ensuring the high quality expected by German audiences, Ay Ling plays a pivotal role in shaping the ongoing evolution of the hybrid dubbing landscape in Germany, Europe, and beyond.

  • Dubai-based dubbing director leveraging 30+ years of Arabic dubbing expertise.

    Having worked within major dubbing entities and broadcasters, Abeer understands the end-to-end process of dubbing. At ZOO, she brings a wealth of experience, delivering quality and authenticity; helping clients expand the reach of shows and movies across MENA.

  • Seasoned specialist with over two decades of hands-on experience in digital media and entertainment.

    His expertise spans media production, globalization operations and business development. Duncan excels in workflow management, interactive media, and delivering efficient solutions to clients.

  • Chieko leads the company’s expansion with three decades of media localization expertise from Walt Disney Company Japan.

    Fostering collaborations, cultivating talent, and enhancing the talent pool, Chieko’s mission is to modernize ZOO’s dubbing workforce through technology integration and hybrid working capabilities.

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