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Teresa Alonso

Territory Manager, Spain and Portugal

Teresa joined ZOO in 2021 as dubbing territory manager for Spain and Portugal. She is responsible for delivering high-quality dubbed content to ZOO’s clients, and works alongside independent studios, directors and voice talent in the region.

A renowned name in Iberian dubbing, Teresa has over 21 years’ experience working for Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) in Spain, where she managed the creation of dubbing, voice overs and subtitling for more than 200 international TV titles, including The Killing, CSI, S.W.A.T and The West Wing.

Teresa is also a professor at the European University of Madrid where she teaches part-time on a Master’s degree course for new dubbing professionals.

Outside of work, Teresa likes to combine the two simple pleasures that make her happy – classical music and Pinot Noir.

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