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Mapi Lucchesi

"Cloud dubbing is opening up so much more choice and opportunity for content owners. Using the cloud, ZOO can access a huge pool of voice talent – we’re not restricted by geography or proximity to a recording studio – so clients can select the best artist for their role."

– Mapi Lucchesi, Casting Director

The TV and movie industry's first cloud-powered dubbing service

More talent. More choice. 

Reach the best voice artists for the job from anywhere in the world. Authentic, in-territory talent – no longer tied to specific studios or locations.

Dubbing Services – Talent
Dubbing Services – Accuracy

More accuracy. More simplicity. 

By systemizing the dubbing process, we make sure all lines are captured first time, every time. No missed events and no expensive rerecords.

More visibility. More control.

Track project progress against key milestones, review and approve materials, and drop into live dubbing sessions from anywhere in the world.

Dubbing Services – Visibility
Dubbing Services – Efficient

More efficient. More productive.

With platforms that are built for the demands of OTT, we speed up the entire workflow and make your localization life easier.

Raul Aldana

"Cloud dubbing is how dubbing services would have always been done, if ‘the cloud’ had always been around! It lets me work with the best talent regardless of where they are in the world. And it gives full visibility of the dubbing process to the customer. It’s a game changer.

– Raul Aldana, Vice President, Dubbing

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