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Dubbing Services

Combining the best creative talent and innovative dubbing technology to deliver awesome results.

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A 360-degree approach to dubbing

Our end-to-end, multi-language dubbing service combines creative excellence with tech innovation and dedicated project teams to deliver top-quality dubbed content for global OTT audiences. 

Our service supports studio-based recording and home-based recording


ZOO Dubbing Service

Dubbing to engage your audience

Our highly-experienced, super-talented network of dubbing directors and actors deliver engaging lip-sync and voice-over performances that your audience will love.

Creative excellence 

Global coverage via the ZOO Dubbing Network 

We achieve worldwide coverage through the ZOO Dubbing Network - a collaborative network of independent ZOO-Enabled Dubbing Studios, skilled adapters, experienced directors and talented voice actors. All connected in the ZOO Ecosystem.

ZOO Dubbing Discover the Future of Media Localization

Super-secure end-to-end dubbing workflow

Our cloud-based Localization Ecosystem securely manages the entire dubbing process from order to inventory. Your content is protected throughout the workflow, with assets securely streamed to users in the ZOO Dubbing Network and never locally downloaded in-territory.

Global dubbing network



ZOO-Enabled Dubbing Studios



Dubbing Languages



Adapters, Directors, Voice Actors


Order Management

Simplify your order management by placing all dubbing orders in one cloud-based system.

Order Management



Project Management

Make your project management easier by monitoring progress in real-time with at-a-glance dashboards and reporting.

Dubbing Project Management



Scripting and Adaptation

We reduce duplication in scripting processes by creating one standardized script for adaptation in all workflows.

Scripting and Adaption



Casting and Auditioning

Together we can create the best cast for your project from the extensive cloud-based talent pool. You can review voice test kits and auditions securely on any device. 

Casting and auditioning



Session Tests

We ensure only high-quality audio is captured by performing session tests at the start of each recording session.

Session Test



Audio Recording

We securely capture all audio in our cloud-based recording system – with directors and actors guided through the process to ensure no lines are missed.

Audio recording



Version Control

Our ecosystem technology ensures changes from prelim to final are automatically identified and updated across all affected dubbing workflow assets.

Version Control



Contract Management

Legal contracts and Assignment of Rights are created, managed, signed and collated centrally in the system.

Contract Management



Awesome dubbing workflow benefits

Dubbing in the ZOO Ecosystem offers significant benefits throughout the end-to-end workflow.


Unrivaled security in all territories

Content is ultra-secure in the ZOO Ecosystem. Assets are streamed from the cloud, not downloaded. Personalized watermarks for each user, two-factor authentication and geolocation tracking ensure robust security in all territories. 

ZOO security
Guaranteed quality

Guaranteed audio quality 

Quality of audio recordings is guaranteed in the ZOO Ecosystem. Session tests check every aspect of the recording environment to ensure only top-quality audio is recorded.

Creative quality to delight audiences

Create the most authentic localized content to excite, engage and entertain your new audience. Access the world's best actors, directors and script adapters – not just those located near a particular dubbing studio.

Creative quality
Multi-location recording

Flexible multi-location recording

Work with the best voice actors and directors wherever they are in the world. Multi-location recording means talent is no longer required to record from a specific studio or location.

Recording from an approved local environment can be organized to suit their schedule. Actors and directors on different continents can work together securely in the cloud as if they were in the same studio.

At-a-glance progress monitoring

Get more workflow visibility than ever before in the ZOO Ecosystem. Track project progress in real-time against key milestones. Review and approve casting, auditions and scripts – and drop into live dubbing sessions from anywhere in the world.

Dubbing Services – Visibility
Contract management

Simplified contract management

Make contract management easier and less time-consuming. Create, manage, sign and collate all legal contracts and Assignment of Rights in the ZOO Ecosystem. Review what has been signed, and download contracts direct from the cloud-based system.

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dubbing service

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Raul Aldana

"Your content is a Ferrari. ZOO's dubbing service treats it like a Ferrari through every step of the dubbing workflow."

– Raul Aldana, VP, Dubbing