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Cloud dubbing: Your online recording studio


Cloud dubbing – Script localization


Scripts are localized and adapted by experienced, native translators. 

Cloud dubbing – Auditioning


Voice artists record auditions live in the cloud, anytime anywhere.

Cloud dubbing – Casting


Casting directors can search, review and cast on the move from anywhere.

Cloud dubbing – Recording


Live video direction of dubbing sessions and real-time collaborative script review.

Cloud dubbing – Editing

Editing and mixing

Expert dubbing mixers ensure high quality, lip-sync dubbing using trusted Pro Tools. 

Cloud dubbing – Assignment of Rights

Assignment of Rights

AOR is handled centrally in ZOOdubs with all contracts stored securely in the cloud.

The TV and movie industry's first cloud-powered dubbing service

More talent. More choice. 

Tired of hearing the same voices in your dubbed content?

Our technology lets voice artists record anywhere, anytime, live in the cloud. Voice talent is no longer tied to specific studios or locations.

Dubbing Services – Talent
Dubbing Services – Accuracy

More accuracy. More simplicity. 

Lines of audio often missed during your dubbing sessions? 

ZOOdubs systematizes the dubbing process to ensure recording sessions capture all events first time, every time – making it much simpler to manage the end-to-end dubbing workflow.

More visibility. More control.

Need to know the progress of your dubbing project in an instant?

Track project progress against key milestones, review and approve materials, and join in live dubbing sessions from anywhere in the world, anytime.

Dubbing Services – Visibility
Dubbing Services – Efficient

More efficient. More productive. 

Want to speed up the dubbing process and complete projects faster?

By centralizing the entire process, ZOOdubs shortens the dubbing timeline and gets projects finished fast. 

Security – Facial recognition

Security – Facial recognition

Using facial recognition and machine learning, ZOO can obscure all parts of each frame except the faces or mouths of screen actors.

Ask us how we keep TV and movie content ultra-secure.

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