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Powering ultra-secure, end-to-end services for entertainment content

Built to take the strain

We use innovation to respond to the pace of change – fast.

Our cloud-powered systems span time zones and geographies to transform the way global teams work together. Innovative technology replaces the deluge of spreadsheets and emails with live data and a streamlined way to do much more for less.

Use ZOOtechnology to discover:

  • A connected way to work across all territories
  • The security benefits of Amazon Web Services
  • A consistent set of quality standards
  • Extra capacity in an instant
ZOO Digital – Fortress
ZOO Digital partner

Your digital partner

We like to think of ourselves as one of your departments charged with localization or digital delivery.

And we believe that’s how you should view our technology and processes – supporting your daily job and integrating seamlessly with the rest of your business.

Cloud-based platform for producing, managing and converting subtitles and captions.
The industry’s first cloud-based dubbing platform for efficient global versioning.
An ultra-secure platform for showcasing, sharing and screening TV and movie content.
Workflow management platform for managing your projects and people in one place.
Our platform for preparing and repackaging assets for all major digital distribution channels.
One ultra-secure, central place to store, search and download your assets, whenever you want them.

The benefits of industry-leading ZOO technology



Faster deliveries

Our industry-leading cloud-based platforms help us work more efficiently, help our translators be more productive and allow us to deliver your localized assets faster. 

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Increased security

All of our platforms benefit from the security advantages of the cloud. Your content is secure, watermarked and traceable within the cloud, and easily accessible 24/7.

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Working together in the cloud

We transform the way teams collaborate globally. Our cloud-based platforms make it simple for dispersed teams to collaborate on global projects.

Searchable assets

All your assets in one place

Connected cloud systems give you access to your global assets anytime, anywhere. Search, review, convert and download in all delivery formats.


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