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Jonghyun Oh

Jonghyun Oh

Managing Director, ZOO Korea

In 2022, Jonghyun Oh became Managing Director at ZOO Korea, when Seoul-based WhatSub Pro joined the ZOO Digital family.

Having started his career as an audiovisual translator in 2003, Jonghyun has almost 20 years experience working in Korean localization. First, for Korean cable networks then as part of industry-leading multinational companies such as Deluxe, Technicolor and ZOO Digital. Finally, resulting in a role at Netflix as an Originals QCer. After amassing a wealth of industry insight and knowledge, Jonghyun launched WhatSub Pro in 2015, and decided to devote his experience and expertise to creating top-notch Korean subtitles for global service providers.

In his spare time, Jonghyun doesn’t step too far away from the day job and will always be the first one at movies so not to be a victim of spoilers!