ZOO passes 350 million subtitles for the entertainment industry

ZOO Digital has produced over 350 million subtitle files for the entertainment industry, hitting the latest milestone as interest in cloud-powered localization continues to spike.

With subtitling services backed by cloud-based technology and a global workforce, ZOO has always promoted working well from home. However, the latest landmark represents a huge collective effort from our dedicated translators and project teams who continue to deliver their linguistic expertise in unprecedented circumstances.

ZOO works with a global community of talent spanning all time zones, coming together in our collaborative ecosystem. This combination of talent provides ZOO with scalable global coverage and capacity – and is the backbone of what we do.

Our awesome ZOO Community continues to work around the clock to deliver hundreds of thousands of files each month for the global entertainment industry – and it’s all the more inspirational when our fantastic translators are able to share their positive experiences working with ZOO.

Arabic translator, Radwa Ashraf shared:

“I enjoy being part of ZOO because it’s such a worldwide community, it makes me feel part of a bigger project. I feel proud of each project we work on and deliver to a satisfied client.”

Ukranian translator, Viktoriia Horiachko, added:

“I just love how each project is so different from every other and linguistically challenging in its own way. One week I could be translating a hilarious comedy full of puns and the next one find myself working on a post-apocalyptic fantasy film saturated with words newly coined by filmmakers, in each you need to use the most of your creativity to do your best.”

How we do it – Translation tools and talent

ZOO has seen an upsurge in interest in cloud-based dubbing services as content owners look to achieve business continuity but in the meantime, there has been no slowing down of demand for cloud-powered subtitling.

Team ZOO provides subtitles and captions in over 80 languages and all distribution formats for clients including major Hollywood studios and OTT streaming services.

Our worldwide network of over 6,500 qualified, tested and approved native translators use the ZOOsubs platform within our Localization Ecosystem to translate, QC and deliver high-quality subtitles and captions. We are adding and training translation resources continuously to support the growing industry-wide capacity requirements.

Find out what goes into the millions of subtitles we produce here.

Delivering localized content when the world needs it most
On the latest subtitling milestone, CEO, Stuart Green said:

“I’m extremely proud of all the hard work that our team, including our translators all over the world, put in to deliver top-quality subtitles that our clients rely on.

“We’re in such an unusual situation right now and the dedication the team has shown throughout is extremely gratifying. We’re helping to deliver localized content to audiences around the world when they need it most and seeing landmarks like this hit home the unwavering dedication that goes into the work we do.”

Let’s talk subtitling

Subtitling services with ZOO are designed for quality, security and scale – and trusted by the biggest names in entertainment. With native translators, experienced project teams and powerful industry-leading QC tools to ensure subs meet the highest technical and content standards.

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