EGA Webinar: Distributing Content Globally

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Content has never traveled more than now with streaming platforms going global.

On Wednesday March 23, Mazin Al-Jumaili, ZOO’s Vice President of Talent Management & Business Development, will join other industry leaders as they share the complexities of preparing your stories for the global audience. Open to EGA members and distributors, this webinar will offer attendees valuable insights into the preparation and distribution of localized media content, empowering them to share their stories authentically and effectively across the globe.

Localization is more than subtitles and dubbing, and after this 60 minute session you’ll be well prepared to share your content with the world.

Event Name: Distributing Content Globally

Date: Wednesday 23rd March

Time: 9AM – 10AM PST (GMT-7)

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Localization is more than subtitles and dubbing

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