Audio description: Extending the reach of your advertising

Did you know that elderly viewers often keep the audio description running on their TV throughout the day? For partially sighted elderly viewers, audio description (AD) offers a detailed description of what the rest of us can see on screen, for others it can give clarity and context to the content they’re viewing.

Trusted voices for your brand

An audio description voice artist becomes a trusted presence in the homes of those using AD – particularly those who voice much-loved daytime or primetime shows. Those trusted voices could make an ideal AD artist for your brand.

Speak to your audience

Every hour of terrestrial TV broadcast in the UK contains six minutes of commercial breaks. That’s 90 minutes of commercials across a 15-hour viewing day – equivalent to the length of a movie. And the vast majority of this content doesn’t include audio description. That’s a movie’s worth of content where that additional information and trusted voice isn’t there to assist those that need an AD service. 90 minutes where a section of a brand’s potential audience is missing out on its message and failing to connect with its brand.

Fast, cost-effective AD services 

Let your adverts speak to your entire audience with simple, fast, cost-effective audio description services from ZOO Digital. ZOO also provides cloud-based subtitling, captioning and dubbing services for advertising and entertainment. For more information on how AD could benefit your brand and your viewers, contact ZOO.

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