ZOOstudio named Product of the Year at NAB 2019

At NAB 2019, Team ZOO unleashed ZOOstudio to the world of media and entertainment. We’re delighted to announce that during an invigorating awards ceremony in Las Vegas, our cloud-powered localization ecosystem was named NAB Product of the Year for cloud computing!

Highlighting the most significant and promising new technologies on display at the exhibition, the NAB Show Product of the Year Awards is an independently-judged awards program recognizing product innovation and ingenuity at a show packed full of some of the brightest minds in the industry.

What is ZOOstudio?

In case you’ve not been following, ZOOstudio is our newly-launched, cloud-powered ecosystem designed to manage all the services required throughout OTT localization and distribution. It’s our answer to helping clients deal with an ongoing boom in content and ever-shrinking release windows.

Major studios and content owners need vendors to collaborate in order to service the huge volumes of global content ready for distribution. For the first time in the industry, ZOOstudio offers a platform for all vendors to work together in a centralized cloud system.


All your production services, global vendors, localization components and translation talent are securely centralized in the collaborative ecosystem. This offers large, decentralized global studios the single platform needed to manage disparate localization services.

Gordon Doran, President at ZOO Digital said:

“The whole team has worked incredibly hard to bring ZOOstudio to life and it’s fantastic to see our localization ecosystem coming out of the gates with an NAB Product of the Year Award.

“The industry is in agreement that collaboration is the way forward for OTT localization and distribution; helping content owners hit the timeframes and standards required by coming together as one. ZOOstudio is the platform that connects everything seamlessly and supports a genuine end-to-end service for the biggest names in the TV and movie industry.”

Simplify localization

Discover the centralized system to order, track and manage end-to-end localization services.

Pull all your localization services into one overarching system. Have a single point of order and fulfillment. Choose the services you need to create localized content packages. Flow data across workflows to simplify global localization.

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