NAB 2019


NAB 2019



ZOOstudio: the localization super-ecosystem.

All services. All vendors. All components. One central system.

ZOOstudio – Product of the Year

Simplify localization

Centralize your localization services in one overarching system. Have a single point of order and fulfilment. Choose the services you need to create localized content packages. Flow data across workflows to simplify global localization.


Increase collaboration 

Have ZOO and all your other vendors work together in ZOOstudio. Share assets and reference materials across vendor workflows. Track and manage projects with consolidated live data. No more managing projects via multiple vendor-specific systems.

Reduce duplication

Centrally store localization components in ZOOstudio. Reliably repurpose existing assets for new delivery packages. Eliminate the need to reorder misfiled, unreliable or missing components. Reduce process and cost duplication.


NAB 2019 – Product of the Year

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Six benefits of working in the ZOOstudio super-ecosystem

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Super secure

Increase content security with all assets securely streamed from the cloud and no local downloads. 

ZOOscreen v2

Manage change

Content changes flow seamlessly  from scripts to subtitles to dubs to eliminate manual process errors. 

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Boost capacity

Access more translators and dubbing talent via the cloud-based ZOOstudio ecosystem. 

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Live data

Replace spreadsheets and emails with live data to increase accuracy. 

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Global collaboration

Increase collaboration and align processes between dispersed global teams. 

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Total flexibility

Choose your preferred services and vendors while managing the entire process all in one place - ZOOstudio. 


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