ZOO launches post to platform service

At ZOO, we have a commitment to addressing our customers’ needs and minimizing their challenges. The launch of our new post-to-platform service does just that. It helps make life easier for leading streaming services and the licensed content partners that need to deliver movies and TV shows to their platforms.

Our post-to-platform service provides the end-to-end technical and management services needed to fulfill content packages to all major streaming services in all territories. Our teams will create or conform all of the components required for the delivery package, including subtitles, metadata and graphics, accurately and compliant with each platform’s unique specifications. The service will be available 24/7 from our facilities in Los Angeles, Dubai and London.

With our post-to-platform service, we’re looking to make life easier for both the streaming platform and their licensed content partners.

“For the streaming service, we’re removing the challenge and time drain of managing all of their partners, dealing with queries and handling deliveries. For the content partners, we’re the experienced, safe pair of hands to support them through the process of delivering their valuable content into the platform. Our dedicated project management and media services teams will work closely with them throughout the process to ensure accurate, on-time delivery.”

As a Netflix Preferred Fulfillment Partner (NPFP) since 2016, we have continually met the high standards required of those on the NPFP roster, delivering significant volumes, on-time and to Netflix specifications, with minimal instances of redelivery. This demonstrates our capabilities as a trusted partner to deliver licensed content to the world’s best streaming services.

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