ZOO gains traction with major film studios

At its recent shareholder AGM, London Stock Exchange-listed ZOO updated shareholders with news of its latest financial results. Following a period of investment and restructuring, ZOO reported positive growth in revenues in several key new business areas.

ZOO has achieved sales success in both Los Angeles and London, as it offers a widening range of software-powered services for creative industries.  As Chairman Roger Jeynes, reported at the shareholder meeting, “Good progress is being made against our strategic goals, which include diversifying our customer base and bringing new products and services to market. In particular, ZOOsubs, our Cloud-based subtitle production and management system has received endorsement from a number of new customers.”

ZOO was also able to confirm its engagement with a third major film studio for its ZOOsubs service, which has now been selected by three of the six major film studios.  This early success underlies that this is an area of potential significant growth for the company.

ZOO also continues to grow the number and scale of installations of its workflow management platform, ZOOcore, not only in relation to its ZOOsubs proposition where it is a key component, but also from a range of new customers in the creative industries.

As Stuart Green, CEO commented “We believe that the tailored range of products and services we have developed specifically for the creative industries provide us with exciting new opportunities which are already bearing fruit. We are uniquely positioned to work with clients such as movie studios and post production specialists, who operate in a very dynamic and fast changing environment, and who need to achieve greater efficiency in specific creative and production tasks.  With a number of new key personnel to be announced over the coming weeks, this an exciting time at ZOO.”


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