ZOO establishes ZOO Italy with the launch of dubbing studios in Milan

ZOO Digital proudly announces the establishment of ZOO dubbing studios in Milan. This strategic move follows the successful acquisition of long-time partner LogoSound, positioning ZOO as a key player in providing exceptional dubbing services in Italy.

Founded in Milan in 2006, LogoSound has been a trusted provider of Italian dubbing services to companies such as de Agostini Editore; Boing; Malvista Entertainment; Turner Broadcasting system Europe and CDI Camera Distribuzion . The studio will play a pivotal role in ZOO’s global end-to-end offering for major studios and streaming services. The TPN-approved dubbing facility will not only serve international entertainment giants but also empower local content creators to extend their reach by bringing Italian-language film and TV to global audiences.

Gordon Doran, President of ZOO Digital, said:

“Italy is a key dubbing territory for the global media and entertainment industry, and with the addition of our Milan hub into our wider global network, we are well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of major studios and streamers across Europe. This strategic expansion not only underscores our commitment to the Italian entertainment industry but also reflects our dedication to the global needs of our clients – including the rising demand for authentic, modern dubs of originals and catalog content.”

ZOO Italia will be led by Mapi Lucchesi, ZOO’s experienced Creative Director for Italy, ensuring a smooth transition and seamless integration with the wider ZOO production network.

Mapi Lucchesi, Creative Director, Italy, said:

“The launch of ZOO’s dubbing studios in Milan represents a significant step forward for our Italian media localization capabilities. We look forward to combining dedicated local expertise with ZOO’s global servicing capacity, to enhance the dubbing experience for our clients and audiences alike.”

The launch in Milan is the latest stage in ZOO Digital Group’s strategy of targeted, global expansion. Anticipate more exciting announcements as part of ZOO’s dynamic global growth initiative in 2024.

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