ZOO Digital named top 10 innovator

ZOO Digital has been named as one of the top ten innovators of 2016 in a new report that surveyed international entertainment industry professionals.

Published by the organizers of TV Connect, a leading event for the entertainment industry, ZOO ranks 8th in the survey for its technological innovations in localization and digital distribution. ZOO appears alongside major global brands and household names including Amazon, Sky, Google, BBC and Apple.

The report, Disrupting The Connected Entertainment Value Chain, provides a snapshot of how the entertainment industry is managing rapid change. Opinion was canvassed from a cross section of companies in the entertainment digital supply chain across the Americas, Europe, Middle East, India and Asia-Pacific. The findings have been merged with the views of leading analysts to identify the trends that are likely to dominate the entertainment debate during 2017.

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The number one challenge highlighted for operators of streaming services is the complexity of coordinating global launches across multiple territories as they expand. Another key concern is piracy and security. ZOO’s strategy, using the company’s revolutionary, cloud-based approach, positions it well to address the challenges of the rapidly growing entertainment industry.

In the last year alone ZOO has launched three technological innovations. These include an ultra-secure digital screener for streaming video content; an enriched metadata service to enable content discovery and a compliance editing service to adapt TV and movie content for different territories during international release.

Dr Stuart Green, CEO, ZOO Digital said:

“Innovation is in our DNA. It’s about empowering our clients and responding to the pace of change in the fast-moving digital entertainment industry. We’re delighted to be named alongside some of the biggest global innovators in our industry.”

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