ZOO Digital Group becomes an early adopter of the TPN+ platform

ZOO Digital Group, world-leading provider of cloud-based localization and digital distribution services to the global entertainment industry, announced today that it has enhanced its membership with the Trusted Partner Network (TPN), incorporating the new TPN+ platform into its content security preparedness, assessments and reporting. 

TPN, powered by the Motion Picture Association (MPA), leverages MPA’s Best Practices (BP v5.0) framework for site, and application/cloud security and is committed to raising security awareness for the industry and protecting the integrity of content. Initially launched in 2018, TPN recently introduced a new multi-tiered membership model and TPN+ platform that provides greater flexibility, efficiency and transparency to global content owners and service providers in the media and entertainment industry. 

TPN serves as a community platform and industry source of truth, benefiting content owners, service providers, assessors, and the industry with the shared goal of security preparedness, awareness and anti-piracy measures for the entire digital media supply chain in an environment that faces critical data breaches.  

ZOO Digital joined TPN to take advantage of the enhanced program and TPN+ platform and demonstrate its commitment to content security and the secure handling of content workflows and complex supply chains in an environment of rapid growth and technology evolution. 

Our involvement demonstrates our capabilities as a trusted partner to deliver cloud-based solutions to the world’s best streaming services.

Duncan Wain, Chief Operating Officer, ZOO Digital Group, commented: “We are proud to have become an early adopter. Being involved from the start has allowed us to help drive this new initiative and contribute to the development of the program.  This demonstrates our capabilities as a trusted partner to deliver cloud-based solutions to the world’s best streaming services.”  

“Our goal with TPN is for it to serve as the source of truth for all stakeholders in our industry. Extensive collaboration with content owners, service providers and assessors has helped us build forward momentum with our membership program as well as our new TPN+ platform,” commented Terri Davies, President of Trusted Partner Network (TPN). 

We are excited to welcome ZOO Digital on board showing their support for the TPN mission.

Terri Davies, President of Trusted Partner Network

“We are excited to welcome ZOO Digital on board showing their support for the TPN mission. We are confident that TPN unlocks great value for strengthening industry processes required to protect and build a secure future for content.” 

The Trusted Partner Network

The Trusted Partner Network (TPN) is the leading, global, industry-wide film and television content security initiative. Designed to assist companies in preventing leaks, breaches, and hacks of movies and television shows prior to their intended release, TPN seeks to raise security awareness, preparedness, and capabilities within the industry. TPN provides industry vendors with a voluntary, cost-effective way to ensure that the security of their facilities, staffs, and workflows meet the MPA’s best practices and it accredits experienced auditors to conduct assessments globally. Through TPN, the film and television industry elevates the security standards and responsiveness of the vendor community, while greatly expanding the number of facilities that are assessed annually. The Trusted Partner Network is owned and managed by the Motion Picture Association.

Learn more at www.TTPN.org

The Motion Picture Association

The Motion Picture Association serves as the voice and advocate of the American motion picture, home video and television industries from its offices in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. Its members are Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures; Netflix Studios LLC; Paramount Pictures Corporation; Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.; Universal City Studios LLC; and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

More information at: www.motionpictures.org

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