ZOO Digital assists in launching Asharq Discovery: Bringing authentic dubbing to MENA streaming

In a move that’s ‘set to transform the infotainment landscape in the Middle East’, SRMG and Warner Bros. Discovery have joined forces to launch Asharq Discovery, a unique free-to-view Arabic-language infotainment platform. The platform features exclusive programs from Warner Bros. Discovery’s award-winning catalog, reversioned with Arabic voiceovers and graphics.

ZOO Digital played a significant role in the launch of Asharq Discovery, leveraging its Arabic dubbing capabilities and working on the extensive and diverse content catalog ahead of the platform’s launch. The Arabic subs, dubs and artwork localization was managed from our Dubai production facility and studio under the guidance of Abeer Shabo, the Dubbing Director for Arabic.

This platform not only brings captivating content to Arabic-speaking audiences but also highlights the power of seamless globalization.

Abeer Shabo

Reflecting on the launch, Abeer Shabo said: “As Dubbing Director for Arabic at ZOO Digital, it’s been an incredible journey to work on Asharq Discovery. Together with the collaborative efforts of SRMG, Warner Bros. Discovery, and ZOO Digital, we’re bringing culturally impactful and authentically localized entertainment to the Middle East.

“This platform not only brings captivating content to Arabic-speaking audiences but also highlights the power of seamless globalization. Our commitment to making content accessible and engaging has been instrumental in this ambitious project, and I’m excited about the positive impact it will have on the region’s media landscape.”

Asharq Discovery: ‘A game-changer in MENA’s infotainment landscape’

Asharq Discovery represents a landmark partnership between SRMG and Warner Bros. Discovery. It offers viewers a wide variety of engaging content, and its launch is a direct response to the growing demand for Arabic shows in the Middle East and North Africa. The platform features programs from the acclaimed Warner Bros. Discovery catalog, as well as hand-picked acquisitions from the region and a lineup of original productions.

The platform covers an array of genres, from the Arabic version of popular titles like Gold Rush, 90 Day Fiancé, Morgan Freeman’s Through the Wormhole, and Wheeler Dealers, to exclusive content produced in the region, Asharq Discovery ‘brings a fresh perspective on storytelling to its viewers’.

ZOO Digital’s role in the launch

ZOO Digital’s involvement in the launch of Asharq Discovery played a pivotal role in ensuring that the platform’s content was accessible and appealing to the widest possible audience. Through our in-territory team and a network of experienced dubbing and subtitling talent, ZOO helped make the platform’s content not just wider-reaching but culturally impactful, enhancing the viewer experience across the Middle East.

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