ZOO delivers 30 million subtitles to global entertainment clients

ZOO Digital, provider of cloud-based media production services, has delivered 30 million subtitles and closed captions to global entertainment and media clients.

Launched in late 2012, ZOO’s subtitling and closed captioning service has gone from strength to strength. Powered by unique cloud-based ZOOsubs software, its revolutionary new approach to audio-visual localization has been used for feature film and TV titles for five of the six major Hollywood studios, and ZOO is on-boarding new global clients on a monthly basis.

The secret of ZOOsubs’ success is that it addresses all of the pain-points experienced in the traditional subtitling workflow. ZOO’s technology automates administration and progresses the process, whilst also ensuring files are compliant and of the highest quality. ZOO’s approach to subtitling and captioning offers clients the ability to work faster, simpler and much more cost-effectively.

“We’re proud to have reached the 30 million milestone, and we’re aiming to deliver the next 10 million in record time!”

ZOO President, Gordon Doran comments, “The future is looking great for ZOO; we’re rapidly becoming a leading provider of premium subtitling and captioning services, and delighted to be working with some of the biggest names in global entertainment.

“We’re proud to have reached the 30 million milestone, and we’re aiming to deliver the next 10 million in record time!”

Across these first 30 million subtitles, the languages in highest demand are French and Spanish for Latin America, with Macedonian and Filipino among the least. iTunes was top of all digital distribution formats, with 18% of ZOO’s subtitles and captions destined for Apple’s iTunes store. To find out more take a look at the ZOOsubs ‘The Story So Far’ infographic.

30 Million Subtitles Infographic

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