The next generation
cloud-based subtitling
and captioning platform.

Designed to power smarter subtitle and caption production and management services.

Discover the ZOOsubs difference.

ZOOsubs is different. Our innovative cloud-based platform enables us to deliver a faster, smarter and more cost-effective service.

Secure storage ordering

Secure storage centralizes all global assets.

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Process automation

Process automation delivers files faster.

Top quality

Cutting-edge QC tools ensure top quality.

zoostudio cloud

Automated conversions reduce costs.

Reliable repurposing

Searchable system enables reliable repurposing.

Discover the unique features that deliver the ZOOsubs difference.

ZOOsubs is packed full of innovative, cutting edge features which transform traditional subtitling and captioning processes.

More ZOOsubs features

All global languages

All global languages

ZOOsubs supports subtitling and captioning in all global languages including character-based and right-to-left languages.

ZOOsubs video preview

Video preview

ZOOsubs provides real-time, frame accurate video previews to allow translators and clients to accurately review and approve the translation, placement, timing and line length of subtitles and captions.

ZOOsubs watermark

Instant watermarking

ZOOsubs uses the latest encryption technology and applies instant personalized watermarking to ensure your content is secure and traceable.

ZOOsubs formats

All technical formats

ZOOsubs produces compliant subtitles and captions in all technical formats for global physical, broadcast and digital distribution.

MPAA approved security

MPAA approved security

ZOOsubs' security protocols are approved by the MPAA, major Hollywood studios and global broadcasters and distributors.

ZOOcore integration

ZOOcore integration

ZOOcore integrates seamlessly with ZOOsubs to manage subtitle and caption production workflows and processes.

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