The ultra-secure ‪way to showcase and stream your content‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬


The ultimate screener viewing experience

Efficient delivery

Robust online security

Gain all the benefits of the latest anti-piracy security to keep your content in the right hands.

Efficient delivery

Excellent viewing quality

Showcase your TV and movie content to clients, prospects and judging panels by streaming directly to large screen, Apple TVs, screening rooms or iPads.

Cloud-based production management

Reduced time and costs

Replace expensive, onerous DVD production with super-efficient digital distribution.

Easy to use

With a user-friendly interface and straightforward set-up process, viewing screeners has never been easier.

Maximum viewing quality

Adaptive streaming minimizes buffering and optimizes viewing quality whatever your bandwidth and screen size.

collaborative workflows

International opportunities

Subtitles in multiple languages can be selected with a few clicks of a remote control, so international audiences can view your content.

Security every step of the way

Powered and protected by revolutionary ZOOcloud, ZOOscreen is ultra-secure. Choose the security level that's right for each asset.

Identity check

Optional two-factor authentication offers an extra layer of security when logging on.

Cloud repository

Full traceability

We can embed a visible watermark with your user’s name and forensic watermarking per user, so you can always keep track of your content.

Secure asset storage

Have peace of mind that all your assets are always stored securely with encryption at rest using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Secure asset storage

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