The configurable workflow management platform.

Designed to streamline collaborative workflows and manage all production, people and processes in one place.

Discover the ZOOcore difference.

ZOOcore is different. Our configurable module-based workflow management platform is designed to help global localization and distribution teams to streamline processes, collaborate effectively and centralize information.

ZOOcore process automation

Process automation delivers projects faster.

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ZOOcore configurable platform

Tailor-made configurations manage all creative processes.

ZOOcore real time updates

Real-time updates keep the whole project team in the loop.

ZOOcore global collaboration

Cloud-based workflows support global collaboration.

ZOOcore reporting

In-built metrics offer accurate reporting.

Discover the unique features that deliver the ZOOcore difference.

ZOOcore is revolutionary and its innovative features can be configured for you, your team and your global collaborators.

More ZOOcore features

ZOOcore asset preview

Asset preview

ZOOcore lets you review, annotate and approve video, artwork, audio and other creative assets using the preview tool. All materials stored in ZOOcore are encrypted and watermarked for your security.

ZOOcore Production Status

Real-time milestone updates

ZOOcore provides real time production updates based on your own customized milestones, so you can review progress at a glance without the need for catch up calls or emails.

ZOOcore Online ordering

Simple online ordering

ZOOcore's easy to use ordering tool allows you to place orders anytime, anywhere. All orders are managed from start to finish in ZOOcore so there is no need to track progress using spreadsheets and emails.

All global languages

Assign global collaborators

ZOOcore supports dispersed global teams to collaborate efficiently and reliably using one centralized workflow management system. Collaborators can be assigned to entire projects or simply the processes that require their input.

MPAA approved security

MPAA approved security

ZOOcore's security protocols are approved by the MPAA, major Hollywood studios and global broadcasters and distributors.

ZOOsubs logo

ZOOsubs integration

ZOOcore seamlessly integrates with ZOOsubs to power efficient, high quality and cost effective subtitling and captioning services.

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