Become a ZOO-Enabled Dubbing Studio (ZEDS)

ZEDS is a worldwide, collaborative network of 70+ in-territory dubbing studios. Delivering capacity and creativity for our cloud dubbing services. 

ZOO-Enabled Dubbing Studios are highly reputable independent dubbing studios in key territories around the world. Experienced, trusted and carefully selected, ZEDS are home to the creative talent content owners want. We’ve trained each one to use ZOOdubs, our cloud dubbing platform to record and manage the dubbing process. 

Our unique approach means that we can work with any studio with the right credentials.


ZEDS – Benefits

Being ZOO-Enabled means that you operate in the same way as you would with any localization vendor, recording to the same quality, using the same equipment – but with one key difference – ZEDS are trained to use ZOOdubs, our industry-first, award-winning cloud platform. This systematizes the recording process meaning no more missed lines or re-records and gives access to a global talent pool to avoid voice repetition in content.  

Joining our ZEDS global network opens a world of opportunity for dubbing studios:

  • Work on dubbing projects for Hollywood studios, major OTT platforms and global broadcasters
  • Use our ultra-secure, quality-driven platform using world-class, cutting-edge cloud technology
  • Focus on creative performance, while ZOO technology takes the strain of admin processes

Take a look at a real-time snapshot of ZOO's global creative community – all working in our cloud-powered ecosystem.