Closed captioning services

Closed caption production and management services.

We provide FCC compliant closed captioning services for entertainment and media content.

Quality captioning production

Quality captioning production

High quality closed captioning in all formats, supported by revolutionary tools.

Efficient captioning workflows

Efficient captioning workflows

Optimizing production workflows to deliver closed captions faster.

Cost-efficient caption repurposing

Cost-efficient caption repurposing

Automated production processes convert closed captions to new delivery formats, helping you to repurpose more and spend less.

The number of closed captions and subtitles securely stored for our clients:


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We make content accessible with quality FCC-compliant closed captions.

Allow all audiences to enjoy your entertainment and media content with closed captioning for all distribution formats.

Quality captioning in all formats

Experienced transcriptionists supported by smart ZOO technology and our dedicated global team deliver high quality open and closed captions in all formats. Innovative QC tools ensure all files meet the highest technical standards.

collaborative workflows

Outstanding quality for less

We use cloud technologies and smart automated processes to deliver new and converted closed captions faster, saving you time and money. Streamlined workflows increase productivity and complete projects sooner.

We enable you to meet all FCC access requirements painlessly.

Configurable, efficient workflows increase the productivity and efficiency of closed caption production and process management.

Streamlined workflows

We streamline production workflows using automated ZOOcore processes and real-time notifications, increasing efficiency and delivering captions faster. Cloud-based workflows let you track each project milestone, so no need for catch up calls and emails.

Secure in the cloud

Real-time collaboration

We make it simpler to collaborate on closed captioning projects. You and your teams can track project progress, and reliably review and approve the final materials using our cloud-based ZOOcore platform.

We convert closed captions for a fraction of the cost.

Maximize the potential of your existing closed captions by securely storing and automatically converting them to all technical formats.

All your captions, all in one place

We securely and accurately store your new and existing captions to create a centralized cloud-based repository in ZOOsubs. Your global teams can search and download captions anywhere, anytime with just a few clicks.

Project tracking

Convert captions on-the-fly

We convert new and existing caption files on the fly to all digital, broadcast and physical distribution formats with just a few clicks. Revolutionary ZOOsubs technology automates the localization of English language captions.

Innovative, integrated ZOOsubs and ZOOcore technology powers cost-efficient closed captioning.

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