Asset management

Ultra-secure storage & digital repackaging all in one

Trusted by Hollywood studios and global broadcasters.

All your assets in one place

ZOOdubs secure cloud

Store securely

Store TV and movie content in our ultra-secure and scalable ZOOvault.

Process automation

Manage easily

Manage production with an user-friendly, centralized online ordering system.

ZOOcore real time updates

Order anytime

Order new delivery packages in an instant for any language and online platform.


Your video, audio and image files are kept under stringent security using ZOOvault our secure, centralized cloud storage.

Any platform

In a few clicks authorized users can place an order for a title to be repackaged for delivery to any online platform such as iTunes, Amazon or Netflix.

Cloud repository

Any language

All your content including artwork and metadata can be localized in any new language.

Access anywhere

Log on and view what’s available anytime, anywhere in the world.

Search and find

Find assets easily with a search tool tailored to the way you work.

Global digital media

Track and monitor

Identify instantly what formats, language variations and metadata you need.


Our on demand service gives you more storage space, power and bandwidth in an instant to adapt fast to the needs of your business.

Pay as you go

With no upfront infrastructure investment, pay for what you need, only when you need it.

Collaborative workflows

Hassle free

We handle upgrades, maintenance and repairs, leaving you and your team free to focus on what you do best.

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