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Remote ADR Services

Keep your release schedule on track with remote ADR services from ZOO

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Browser-based platform. Zero-latency. Seamless collaboration. Secure remote ADR recording from anywhere.


Closed captioning – Speed

Zero-latency using industry-leading remote recording technology


In-built collaboration tools enable loop groups to record together seamlessly

Closed captioning – Platforms

Take the studio with you – use our secure virtual ADR stage from anywhere in the world


Record in-studio or remotely

Create a 'virtual ADR stage' with in-built video conferencing and collaboration tools.

Remote recording platform allows actors, directors, dialect coaches and others to work together in real time as though they were in the same room.

Remote ADR from ZOO enables loop groups to record together collaboratively in the same session – empowering actors to do what they do best.

Backed by proven technology

Underpinned by the same proven voice capture platform as our award-winning dubbing services.

Thanks to the expertise of our in-house research and development team, ZOO has adapted our voice capture technology in order to launch a dedicated remote ADR service, right when the industry needs it most.

ZOO has created an end-to-end service that makes ADR simpler and more cost effective for the post-pandemic future.


Security built-in from start to finish

ZOO is a member of the Trusted Partner Network and has successfully passed stringent security audits by major Hollywood studios and streaming services.

All pre-release content remains secure in the ADR platform, which benefits from multi-factor authentication, watermarking, 256-bit encryption and secure video streaming.

As no third-party collaboration tools are required, this delivers a seamless and secure ADR service, with actors and directors working from separate independent recording spaces. 

Pick-up where you left off

Re-record and replace audio in a controlled environment from anywhere in the world.

Backed by tried-and-trusted technology, 'virtual ADR stages' enable actors and directors to re-record lines easily from any suitable environment, even when they have moved onto another production in a different geographic location.

Take control of your project and ensure creative and technical quality – regardless where in the world your cast is currently based.

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ZOO offers services to manage and deliver the end-to-end ADR workflow – as well as flexible rental of ‘virtual ADR stages’ by the hour.

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