Distribution Services

Efficient and reliable distribution. Approved by Apple.

Helping leading entertainment companies to deliver content to global audiences.

Efficient global distribution services

We provide reliable, efficient content distribution services to major Hollywood studios and global entertainment distributors. Using our in-house facilities and technology we ingest, encode, package and deliver film and television content to meet the exacting standards of all physical and digital distribution formats. We are approved to deliver directly to Apple.

Zoo Services

Powered by revolutionary ZOO technology

We use innovative cloud-based ZOO technology to efficiently and cost-effectively prepare and distribute content for global territories. Our configurable production and workflow management tools streamline and automate processes, significantly reducing time to market.

Next generation distribution services from ZOO

subtitling services

Digital distribution

Services to package, enrich and deliver your digital media content.

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closed captioning

iTunes Self-Service Distribution

iTunes packaging and delivery services approved by Apple.

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iTunes Extras

Apple approved iTunes Extras and LPs creation and delivery services.

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Discover why major studios and media distributors choose ZOO distribution services

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Compliant packaging

We reliably ingest, encode, package and deliver content to meet the exacting standards of all distribution platforms.

Efficient deliveries

Efficient deliveries

We deliver your titles to distribution partners such as Apple and Netflix, ensuring they are available for sale without delay.

Global coverage

Global coverage

Our services cover all global distribution formats, and we are approved to deliver directly to iTunes.

Simple global collaboration

Centralized management

Our cloud based platforms centralize and simplify the management of global distribution processes.

Scalable services

Approved security

We ensure your content is secure and traceable in the cloud, and have MPAA and studio approved security protocols.

Scalable services

Enrichment services

Our localization and enrichment services offer an efficient and cost effective way to prepare your content for global release.