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Sandbox – Distribution Planner

'Sandbox' distribution planner

Sandbox gives content owners a clearer idea of the potential cost and asset requirements needed to deliver digital packages across any OTT platforms – including Netflix, iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

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Finishing touches that your content deserves.

ZOO provides post services and expertise for TV and movie content – covering audio and video editing and mixing, media processing, transcoding, video packaging, QC and more.

Whether you need subtle tweaks or an extra spark of magic, we support delivery to any platform, anywhere – with services backed by years of experience and the latest in post-production tools.

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Metadata management

Metadata management

Revolutionize the way you create, manage, localize and deliver metadata for global platforms. 

ZOO utilizes its cloud platforms to provide a reliable, scalable and cost-effective service that simplifies metadata production and management.

Our configurable service is specifically designed to increase production efficiency and reduce operational costs; metadata is entered just once and then stored and repurposed for multiple delivery platforms and territories.

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Enhanced metadata

Add enhanced metadata to your content to offer audiences a rich, dynamic experience.

Enhanced (enriched) metadata is the contextual information associated to time codes that reveals a wealth of information related to what’s happening on-screen, such as soundtracks, actor biographies and character back-stories. 

ZOO's cloud-based platforms make it simple to create, store and repurpose metadata reliably. 

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Enhanced Metadata services

Why choose ZOO distribution services?


Simple repurposing

Simple repurposing

Smart systems work together to make repurposing assets fast and cost-effective. Create new file formats or delivery packages with just a few clicks.

Manageble metedata

Manageable metadata

Our dedicated technology and experienced team ensure all packages meet the exact technical standards of each platform.

Streamlined Processes

Streamlined processes

Streamline distribution using cloud-powered platforms. Order, track, review and approve your delivery packages; anytime, anywhere.

Incresed Security

Increased security

All of our platforms benefit from the security advantages of the cloud. Your content is secure, watermarked traceable and kept in the right hands.


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