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Powered by the ultra-secure ‪platform to showcase your video content‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ securely to clients, colleagues, buyers, reviewers and award judges.

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Digital screeners

Discover the super-secure, super-simple way to distribute your screeners using ZOOscreen. 

ZOO's user-friendly software offers a reliable, HD alternative to DVD screeners. Content can be viewed on the recipients' TV for the full home entertainment experience, or on the move using an iPad or iPhone. 

Control when, where and how many times your videos can be viewed, and get a full report to discover who is engaging with your content. 

DVD vs ZOOscreen! Take a look at the ultimate screener showdown.

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Secure digital screeners
Video showcasing services

Video showcasing

Cloud-based service to share and showcase your video content; pre-release footage, dailies, sales samples and more. 

Stream high-quality, secure video anywhere in the world in minutes. With ZOOscreen, you keep full control of who views your content and when they have access to it.

No need to rely on unsecure links or untraceable DVDs to showcase your content – use ZOOscreen to keep your content in safe hands.

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Why choose ZOO's video showcasing and screener services?


Excellent viewing quality

Showcase your video in HD with adaptive streaming for optimum viewing quality. 

Robust online security

MPAA- and CDSA-approved anti-piracy security to keep your content in the right hands.

Reduced time and cost

Replace expensive, onerous DVD production with super-efficient digital distribution. 


Fully traceable

Track metrics showing when and what content is watched. Select options for visible and forensic watermarking.

Easy to use

As simple to use as a VOD platform, with a single sign-in to access all your allocated movies and TV shows. 

Trusted expertise

As leaders in digital distribution, we manage and distribute content super-securely for the biggest names in the business.


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