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Keeping TV and movie content in the right hands

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Cutting-edge cloud security

We're dedicated to keeping the world’s most sought-after content in the right hands.

We use our own innovative technology and tools protected by the latest, ultra-secure protocols. It’s called the cloud but we think it should be called The Impenetrable Fortress:

  • Comprehensive security and traceability
  • Tracking and monitoring for complete audit trail
  • Personalised watermarking with each user
  • Remove the risk of handling TV and movie content
ZOO Digital – Cloud Fortress
ZOO Digital – AWS

AWS industry-leading protection 

We partner with Amazon Web Services to give you all the benefits of the most cutting-edge security features on the market from a global infrastructure and security specialist.

AWS offers comprehensive security capabilities to satisfy the most demanding information security requirements.

In-house security specialists

We have an entire R&D team who make content security their number one priority. We could talk about encryption, two-factor authentication and forensic watermarking... 

But all you need to know is that we’re at the top of our game when it comes to keeping  TV and movie content ultra-secure.

We never rest on our laurels. Our security specialists and infrastructure experts work literally 24/7 all year round to keep your content secure and protected.

ZOO Digital – Cloud Security


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