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Localization and distribution services for music publishers.

    Services for music publishers

    As a music publisher, you are faced with the challenge of creating added value bonus materials that make titles more attractive for purchase.

    Music publishers

    Powered by revolutionary ZOO technology

    ZOO works with music publishers to remove the complexity and cost from creating and localizing bonus content. We use the power of cloud computing to give you a simpler, smarter, faster way to get things done.

    Next generation services and solutions from ZOO

    Subtitling Services

    Music Video Subtitling

    Cloud-based services to create, manage and repurpose subtitles.

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    Closed Captioning

    Music Video Closed Captioning

    Services to create, manage and repurpose closed captions in all formats.

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    Global Localization

    Music Artwork Localization

    Translate and localize title artwork and promotional materials for global distribution.

    Distribution Services

    Digital Distribution

    Services to package, enrich and deliver your digital media content.

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    iTunes Distribution

    iTunes packaging and delivery services approved by Apple.

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    Itunes extras

    iTunes Extra/ LP

    Apple approved iTunes Extras and LPs creation and delivery services.

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    Examples of ZOO solutions for music publishers

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    Music Video Localization

    Manage localization processes across all global facilities to support global launches of worldwide music content.

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    iTunes LPs Creation & Delivery

    Create interactive features and include bonus material with iTunes content packages. ZOO is an approved encoding house for iTunes LPs.

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    Cost Effective Conversions

    Convert existing subtiles and captions quickly and cost effectively using ZOO automated technology.

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