When colleagues, partners, friends and family picked up a ZOO baseball cap to take on their travels, we could never have guessed just how global ZOO would go! From Malaga to Mongolia, our ZOOglobetrotters have been around the world and back in scenes seriously fit for the big screen.

Here are some of the highlights of this action-packed, transglobal adventure. (WARNING: This one will test the geography skills of the most seasoned localization pro.)

Thomas Williams – Pacific v3-870863-edited
Thomas took to the high seas wearing his cap during a boat race from Santa Barbara to Redondo Beach – we wish we’d had an invitation.

ZOO – Mongolia (Brad)-033720-edited

Brad took a break from QC-ing and became ZOO’s ambassador on an epic trip of horse racing with nomads, all hosted by a championship wrestler in the Arkjangai Aimag region – we’ll let you check the Atlas.

Duncan W – Skogafoss, Iceland

After a full-on quarter at our LA office, aka the home of cloud dubbing, Duncan had to cool down at Skogafoss, one of the biggest waterfalls in Iceland.

Sean on a Boat-1


Meanwhile Sean put his technical skills to good use to capture a stunning, 360-degree, ocean-view in the waters around the Greek Island of Paxos – we believe he’s still floating around The Med on his super yacht, which looks suspiciously like a pedalo.

Chelsey Goetz & Zachary Schmidt – Wedding!-219833-edited

A super-awesome shout out has to go to the happy couple, Chelsey and Zachary who wore their caps with pride and panache on their big day in Iowa – a warm ZOO congratulations to Mr and Mrs Schmidt!

ZOOglobetrotters – Jules collage-184105-edited
Jules got family as well as friends at Honeycomb, Cover Sauce, Soho Net and BMG Productions in on the act – from Cannes to London and the wilds of North Yorkshire’s Roseberry Topping.

ZOOglobetrotters – Sheffield collage-280807-edited

In the name of some of our most popular European languages, Karla, Kaleb, Jonny, Damian, Isobelle and Mark donned their ZOO caps during the summer’s heatwave in Venice, Malaga, Paris, Madeira, Majorca and Mount VeZOOvius. (See what we did there?)

ZOOglobetrotters – US collage-824637-edited

Meanwhile, Shaunna, Karla (again!), Tasha, Kristy and Teddy from our English offices went transatlantic – visiting our LA operation, the West Coast and New York.

From Malaga to Mongolia and many more, a big thank you to each of our ZOOglobetrotters. The photos of your cap-clad adventures just keep on coming in – we can’t wait to hear where you’ll take yours!

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