This month, Gordon and Mazin will be traveling to Barcelona for the 26th edition of CineEurope – an exhibition focused on promoting European cinema and film-making innovation.

Promotion is mounting up and the ZOO team are already getting hyped for the trip to Catalonia.

So come join us! As well as witnessing the fantastic cinema on show, here are three reasons to attend the longest-running and most successful European film convention for cinema professionals.


1) Keep up with global trends and celebrate cinema

CineEurope has always been a fantastic event for promoting global cinema – and helping entertainment professionals get their hands on the latest cinematic innovation and tech.

The exhibition is the official convention of the International Union of Cinemas (UNIC), an international trade association representing cinema exhibitors and associations across 36 European territories whose focus is to better promote the social, cultural and economic value of cinemas in Europe and internationally.

Whether you’re going into the show with a problem to solve or reviewing your workflow with fresh eyes, the solutions are certainly out there.

So, on that note...

2) Sharpen your localization with new tools

Join the expo floor and get your hands on some new tools. With so many international entertainment professionals at CineEurope, we want to demonstrate the services that will make it easier to showcase, localize and distribute content worldwide.

Sound interesting? Here are four things that you should ask us about:


Our newly-launched dubbing platform wowed delegates at NAB 2017 and helped us pick up a NewBay Media Best of Show Award. ZOOdubs powers our dubbing service and is set to transform the future of the dubbing industry, radically improving the workflow for premium TV and movie content owners.


ZOOscreen is the ultimate screener viewing experience. It allows for robust online security, excellent viewing quality and reduced time and cost. With a user-friendly interface and straightforward set-up process, viewing screeners has never been easier.


ZOOhive analyses localized assets as they are ingested, qualifies their integrity and conforms them to home entertainment versions for multiple outputs. Sounds complex, but we keep it simple.

This means you can upload your archive of localized assets and have one repository for future conversion. 

ZOO affiliate network

ZOO’s affiliate program delivers a worldwide network of vendors; improving ZOO’s global capacity and helping our in-territory partners broaden their reach and business.

By opening our cloud-based tech to post-production and dubbing studios around the world, we’re able to make the whole subtitling and dubbing process easier, quicker and more effective than ever before.

3) Energize with like-minded people

There's nothing like being part of an event full of like-minded people. Film-lovers and entertainment professionals who are looking to show their face, be immersed and learn something new.

When you join a crowded theatre or packed exhibition, there's always a buzz from people getting involved whether it's for pleasure or to bring something valuable back to the business.

No matter how active the event hashtag is, that energy is something we love being a part of in-person. So come visit Gordon and Mazin and ask us why we’re so energized. (Hint: We’re powered by awesomeness.)

Ready to attend?

With entertainment seminars and exhibitions helping delegates take away as much value as possible, CineEurope is a fantastic reason to be in Barcelona between 19-22 June.

Online registration closes on 14 June, so don't hang about!

Join Team ZOO and we’ll help you with everything you need to showcase, localize and distribute your entertainment content.

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