Team ZOO will be jetting off to Singapore for a milestone event in the world of broadcasting. BroadcastAsia 2019 is the region’s must-attend exhibition for media, entertainment and technology professionals. We’ll be ready and waiting between June 18 – 20 to showcase the latest in localization innovation.

As well as catching up with ZOO, here are the three biggest reasons to visit Syed, Marilyn and Chris at Booth 6J2-06.



1. Get your hands on ZOOstudio

It's a super-interesting and pretty harmonious time for the localization industry as vendors around the globe are coming together for the greater good of content owners.

Major studios and OTT platforms need vendors to collaborate in order to service the huge volumes of global content ready for distribution – but that means neatly piecing everything together so localization doesn't become a headache-inducing blackhole.

For the first time in the industry, ZOOstudio offers a platform for all vendors to work together in a centralized cloud-based system.

The newly-launched platform brings together all services, vendors and components involved in localization into one central system – and it’s already making an impact in the broadcast industry. At this year’s NAB Show in Las Vegas, ZOOstudio picked up an official NAB Product of the Year Award after launching to an overwhelmingly-positive reaction at the show.


So, in case you’ve not already – or you'd like a second peek – BroadcastAsia is your chance to see ZOOstudio in action and get any burning questions answered.

We’ll be on hand to show you how it all comes together and what managing a project looks like for our clients – visit us at Booth 6J4-08 for your live demo with Team ZOO.

2. Discover cloud dubbing

Cloud dubbing is a localization game changer – but you don't have to take our word for it.

Using cloud technology and R&D wizardry, ZOO has developed an award-winning service to overcome a number of challenges facing the TV and movie industry.

With a seemingly never-ending boom in OTT growth around the world, huge waves of content need to be readied for global release, with shrinking release windows and even less time to get things done.

So, how does ‘cloud dubbing’ help?

Localization Utopia – Cloud Dubbing

By democratizing dubbing, we're opening up the best talent to work on a project, regardless where in the world they work from. More voice artists. More dubbing directors. More flexibility and choice for content owners.

At BroadcastAsia, we’ll be there to answer everything you need to know about how it works and why it’s making such an impact for TV and movie content owners. 

3. Become a ZOO-Enabled Dubbing Studio

However much we love them, BroadcastAsia isn't all about the content owners.

If you're a dubbing studio and want to see what ZOO is all about, be sure to ask about our cloud-powered network of ZEDS!

Being ZOO-Enabled means that you operate in the same way as you would with any localization vendor, recording to the same quality, using the same equipment – but with one key difference – ZEDS are trained to use ZOOdubs, our industry-first, award-winning dubbing platform.

This systematizes the recording process meaning no more missed lines or re-records and gives access to a global talent pool to avoid voice repetition in content. You get to focus on the creative performance, while our technology takes the admin strain.

Our ZEDS team have onboarded over 70 different studios around the world to help provide cloud dubbing services.

Prefer an online demo?

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