After all the blood, sweat, tears and cursing in binary code for Team ZOO preparing for NAB 2017, was the whirlwind week in Vegas worth it? Having notched up a TV Technology Best in Show Award 2017 for the big reveal of ZOOdubs, the entertainment industry’s first cloud-based dubbing service, we can safely – yes - for us, and most importantly we hope, for our customers.

We welcomed scores of visitors from around the world to our stand; did live demos by the bucket-load and launched the power of awesomeness. And the response has been incredible. Here’s why we’ve been causing a stir.


Delegates discovered award-winning ZOOdubs

After months of staying tight-lipped – and trust us, it’s been tough – Team ZOO finally revealed a brand-new, cloud-based dubbing platform to the world.

It’s taken some intense planning, engineering, tweaking and most importantly, listening to our customers’ pain points, to create the entertainment industry’s first cloud-based dubbing platform. NAB Show 2017 was our first chance to show the dubbing service in action, giving people a hands-on demo of how the platform will work.


With baited breath, we prepared to see if ZOOdubs would have the awesome effect we were hoping for with customers old and new. Gordon reported from the trade show floor:

“With the reaction we’ve had at NAB, we know that ZOOdubs can make a massive difference to the way dubbing has always been done. A Best in Show award proves that the entertainment industry thinks so too.

"An end-to-end system to support the whole process clearly has a host of advantages for customers on the back of our cloud-based platform, for example, far greater transparency of the production process; access to a wider choice of voiceover talent and the flexibility to cast and record from anywhere in the world."

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The power of awesomeness was unleashed

‘Powered by awesomeness’, that was the bold statement on our booth walls. (Note to self: Bigger stand next time…) Intrigued attendees headed over to meet the team to ask, ‘What is awesomeness?’

NAB 2017 stand 2-825829-edited.jpg

If you visited us at NAB, you probably got an inkling when you saw our stand, watched our cloud-powered services in action or when you had a chat with Chris, Gordon, Jules, Joe, Marilyn, Maz, Syed or Tony. For starters it’s about a different way of thinking, of doing business; a different way of working and partnering with our clients.

Awesomeness is also our measure for making sure that we only ever build technology or deliver services that provide awesome results for our clients. So when our they tell us about their challenges or processes in the entertainment supply chain that need to change, we’re a company that just gets on and does it.

That’s exactly what we did at NAB with the launch of ZOOdubs. We’ve been amazed with the way it’s been received by our customers and recognized by the industry with our Best in Show 2017 award. It’s been… well… super-awesome.

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