With the holiday season behind us and a year of mind-blowing plans ahead, it feels like we're well overdue a catch-up with all our fantastic friends and followers. Luckily, later this month, Team ZOO will be heading to NATPE Miami to meet content buyers and sellers – kicking off a whirlwind tour of globetrotting events throughout 2019.

Our North American dynamic duo, Tony Ferkranus and Craig Pepe, will be jetting from Los Angeles to Florida to meet with TV and movie content owners from around the world. They'll be on hand to talk cloud dubbing, subtitling and digital distribution services to get the most out of your awesome content.

With the who, what, where and why, here's everything you need to know about Team ZOO's upcoming trip to Miami.

Tony F – Interview 1-1

What is NATPE Miami?

NATPE Miami brings together top industry decision-makers and innovative content creators from around the globe into a buzzing three-day conference. 

Held at the iconic Fontainebleau Miami Beach, NATPE is the perfect place to get to grips with the dynamics of media and content on the global stage, as well as network with creative minds across every sector of the TV and movie industry.

Summarized beautifully by the legendary Jane Fonda...

“Television didn't destroy movies, and streaming isn't going to destroy networks. It's just going to make us all better if we allow that to happen and work together. That's what's so great about NATPE, it's going to help us all work together."

– Jane Fonda (Source)

Who'll be attending?

Thousands of industry leaders and content professionals. With a third of attendees covering content and acquisitions, the show represents a hefty chunk of cutting-edge creators from North America as well as the wider international market.

Along with a diverse group of entertainment executives and content creators, the friendly faces of Tony Ferkranus and Craig Pepe will be on hand throughout the show to talk cloud-powered localization and digital distribution services.

Why should you join Team ZOO?

Reach your global audience faster and more securely than ever before – with cloud-powered localization services trusted by the biggest names in entertainment.

Join Team ZOO at the NATPE Miami marketplace and discover how we can do something awesome together. With cloud dubbing and subtitling, you'll access more talent than ever before, have more control and workflow visibility and deliver projects super-fast with cutting-edge security from start to finish.

We'll share why our cloud-powered localization services were such a hit in 2018, and let you in on our plans for the year ahead. Tony and Craig would love to hear about your next global release project, so don't forget to book your meeting and meet us in Miami.

Where can you find us?

Book your meeting and we’ll find you! The Fontainebleau can get pretty chaotic so get a date in the diary and we’ll be in touch to find the best time and place during our trip. We look forward to seeing you there and kickstarting your localization and distribution plans in 2019!

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