Fans around the world are buzzing with anticipation. Stadiums are rocking. The excitement is electrifying. That's right, it's the Manhattan Beach Parks & Recreation Sports softball league, and ZOOligans are taking centre-stage ready for their turn at glory.

As the FIFA World Cup 2018 is in full swing, the likes of Argentina, Germany, Spain and Belgium have dropped like flies, so we wanted to share what a winning team* looks like...

*Teams don't necessarily need to win by points to be considered 'winners'.

Bringing together the very best softball talent from the furthest reaches of ZOO's LA office, here are the always-striving, often-underappreciated, wildly-middling, 'ZOOligans'!


Since the unruly early days of January, ZOOligans has pieced together an exciting team of raw athletes, ready to take on the fierce competition of Manhattan Beach. But with so much to play for,  how does the pressure get to these young pretenders?

ZOOligans' talismanic, though unofficial, captain, Rey Ramirez describes the underdog team as 'new kids to the field', but that doesn't get in the way of awesome teamwork and solidarity.

Literally bursting with pride, Rey said:

As the new kids to the field – most on the team never playing this type of softball before – we have had our growing pains for sure...

“But the team spirit and comradery are second to none and everyone continues to grow and become better players with each passing game. I am honored to be called the Team Captain for the ZOOligans.”

With unwavering loyalty and ambitious goals for the future, ZOOligans experienced head coach, Dave Sin, has big plans for seasons to come. 

Delirious with emotion, Dave said:

“This was a rag tag team of people who had little-to-no experience with softball, but with lots of practice and games and hard work, the team has improved drastically.

"I hope everyone continues to play so we can continue to get better as a team and see all the hard work pay off. ZOOligans for life! …maybe? Hahaha.”

ZOOligans Profiles


Rey Curtis Ramirez  

Name: Rey Curtis Ramirez               

Nickname: Rey “The Great”      

ZOOligans position: Outfield / Pitcher

ZOO position: Project Coordinator         

Bats / Throws: Right

Height: 5’10”   

Motto: “Why be moody when you can shake your booty. Now go hit!”     



Ryan McAndrew Contreras

Name: Ryan McAndrew Contreras               

Nickname: Spicy Luck (...get it?)

ZOOligans position: 3rd base         

ZOO position: Assistant Project Coordinator        

Bats / Throws: Right

Height: 5’7”   

Motto: “No one walks on a baseball field.”



Dave Sin  

Nickname: DSin         

ZOOligans position: Short Stop/Left Field

ZOO position: IT Helpdesk       

Bats / Throws: Right

Height: 5’10                

Motto: “In it to win it.”



Anthony Malcom-Jamal Esquibel

Name: Anthony Malcom-Jamal Esquibel                  

Nickname: T-Bone           

ZOOligans position: Pitcher/Shortstop     

ZOO position: Production Artist             

Bats / Throws: Right    

Height: 5’5                 

Motto: “If you can’t convince them, confuse them…”         



Lyn Gutierrez

Name: Lyn Gutierrez               

Nickname: Amy

ZOOligans position: Bench Warmer #1         

ZOO position: Translation Assistant

Bats / Throws: Whichever arm isn’t sore, that’s the one I use

Height: 5’5

Motto: “Why am I here? / "Wait a minute… This isn’t tennis!”



Pam Wilson

Name: Pam Wilson               

Nickname: Clipboard Queen

ZOOligans position: 2nd Base         

ZOO position: Project Coordinator

Bats / Throws: Right

Height: 5’5”   

Motto: “Pam’s in!”



Saima Fleece

Name: Saima Fleece               

Nickname: Sai mama      

ZOOligans position: Outfield, center       

ZOO position: Project Coordinator  

Bats / Throws: Right

Height: 5’0”   

Motto: Please see Ryan’s motto.      



Sandra Rivera

Name: Sandra Rivera

Nickname: Lucky Sandy

ZOOligans position: Catcher/Left Field

ZOO position: Translation Coordinator

Bats / Throws: Right

Height: 5’0”

Motto: “I’m not short, I’m FUN-SIZE!”



Farrah Esmail

Name: Farrah Esmail

Nickname: Farrahball

ZOOligans position: Second Base / Outfield

ZOO position: Project Manager

Bats / Throws: Right    

Height: N/A              

Motto: "'There’s no crying in baseball'? – Shut up, Tom Hanks"



Want to try out?

Competition is fierce, but informal try-outs take place regularly at the ZOOligans top-secret training facility. Prerequisites include natural talent in throwing, fielding, hitting or pitching – as well as a position at ZOO's LA office.

On rare occasion, fans have even witnessed controversial foreign imports from London or Sheffield – so don't rule yourself out if you're further afield!

Join the team!