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ZOO recently expanded its network of partners with more fantastic in-territory translation specialists. As always, the next step is training our new affiliates to get up to speed with the cutting-edge cloud technology that powers our localization and digital distribution services. 

Our training is a vital step in the affiliate network. It helps us to assure quality and consistency across the board for everyone who uses our software. 

It's also a chance to meet our team of tech specialists who provide ongoing support to our affiliates as we continue to refine and develop new technologies.

We invited Kantana to Los Angeles and Studio Ares to Sheffield, to get up to speed with our technology in person. 


The Kantana team training with ZOO in El Segundo

Following the training, Team ZOO caught up with Ms. Ying Chaiviriyachok of Kantana and Emre Sahinkanat of Studio Ares.

Can you tell us a bit about yourselves?

Ying Chaiviriyachok, Kantana: 

“Kantana is a film and television post-production company based in Bangkok, Thailand. It is one of Thailand's oldest and largest film studios, celebrating 65 years in the business.

"The company’s in-house, end-to-end service for post-production includes creative workflows for the advertising, broadcast and film studio industry.”

Kantana: At-A-Glance

Kantana brings a wealth of entertainment industry experience and local territory insight for Asian markets and we're delighted to welcome them to the affiliate network. The partnership will greatly enhance the services we can offer by extending our global footprint in key Asian territories.

Emre Sahinkanat, Studio Ares:

“Our core team has been working together for nine years. They specialize in Turkish, Arabic, Kurdish, Farsi; both in dubbing and subtitling. Their passion towards the job has made this company their second home and as a result, they are approaching every project as if it’s their own.”

Studio Ares: At-A-Glance

Studio Ares provides a complete localization and dubbing service for Turkish, Kurdish and Farsi. ZOO sees that it is important to have this second partner in the country, as Turkey is one of the fastest growing markets for content owners and distributers.

What sparked your interest in the ZOO affiliate program?

Ying Chaiviriyachok, Kantana: 

“ZOO has one of the best performances in the industry and is equipped with the most powerful dedicated software – they also have a great team!”

Studio Ares - Training

Studio Ares'  Ender Albavrak and Emre Sahinkanat at our Sheffield training

Emre Sahinkanat, Studio Ares:

“We are always looking for ways to improve ourselves to work more efficiently. ZOO’s extensive client and affiliate network, their productive and secure software and professionalism towards their work encouraged us to be a part of this network.”

What is different about working with ZOO?

Ying Chaiviriyachok, Kantana: 

“The chance to have a face-to-face conversation regarding the problems we have faced previously – and then find solutions using ZOO’s technology. This will help us a lot in our on-going working relationship and shows how committed ZOO is to collaboration.”

Emre Sahinkanat, Studio Ares:

“The difference is quality. Working with ZOO – and ZOO’s cloud-based tools – will give us the opportunity to serve our global clients in the highest quality.”

How do you hope to change your practice as a result of this training?

Ying Chaiviriyachok, Kantana:

“We used to work manually, which gave us a lot of issues and hard times. By using ZOO software, we hope to tackle all the previous difficulties and become a leading service provider.

“We also hope to change our current workflow to match the ZOO system and make the best use out of it. Following the training, we realized that there are plenty of areas to improve our company to reach the global standard.”

Emre Sahinkanat, Studio Ares:

“ZOOcore and ZOOsubs will give us more flexibility and control over the process of project management for dubbing and subtitling; which will lead to higher delivery rates.”

Anything else you would like to add?

Ying Chaiviriyachok, Kantana: 

“I’ve learned a lot from the partner training; how to use the software, what ZOO’s workflow looks like and how the teams will fit together. All this will really help me to go back to Kantana and start making immediate improvements.”

Interested in our affiliate network?

If, like Kantana and Studio Ares, you’d like to open new opportunities and get your hands on leading cloud-based technology, our network of in-territory partners could be right for you.

ZOO partners map v2.jpeg

Our cloud-powered systems span time zones and geographies to transform the way global teams work together.

The one constant in digital entertainment is change. We use ZOOtechnology and innovation to respond to the pace of change – fast. Our technology replaces the deluge of spreadsheets and emails with live data and a streamlined way to do much more for less.

Interested in using leading technology to drive the industry forward in your territory? Download our presentation and get in touch today!

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