ZOO is super-proud to sponsor the Little Black Book & Friends' beachside meeting in beautiful Cannes next month, as friends and associates from across the ad industry come together to celebrate the International Festival Of Creativity and talk all things clever and creative by the sea.

The annual event falls between June 18 – 21 at La Croisette, and once the networking gets started, it can be a real sandstorm... Give yourself a head start by getting to know one of the sponsors before you even step foot on a plane.

Read Little Black Book's Q&A with our dedicated ad man, Julian Day!

Cannes Francia


Little Black Book: Firstly, who from your team will be on the beach in Cannes?

Julian Day: You'll find Olivia and me at the Plage Croisette Beach – ready to talk subs and AD for TV ads.


Julian Day – Director of Business Development


Olivia Frawley – Senior Producer

LBB: What does your company do?

JD: The magic that you don’t want to think about but that actually connects your brands with all your customers worldwide on TV and social media.

LBB: Give us your best beach pitch!

JD: According to one of the social media giants, up to 85% of video content is viewed without any sound. So how do brands and agencies boost engagement with new and existing customers when the audio’s on mute?

Captioning. Subtitling. In English or multiple foreign languages. Words on the screen to convey your carefully-honed brand message. On the tube, in the gym, at work or in bed, potential customers won’t miss the key message.

But here’s the thing – contrary to what you might have been told, these value-added services don’t need to cost the earth.

ZOO is one of the leading suppliers of top-quality captions and audio description tracks to the ad industry. We offer the best pricing with absolutely no hidden extras, a super-fast friendly service, a huge choice of languages and the ability to integrate with all ad distribution systems.

Talk to us at the LBB Beach and let us support you with your next campaign.

LBB: What do you like about the LBB Beach?

JD: It’s unlike any other ‘trade show networking event’. Relaxed, very informal and super-friendly. You never know who you’ll be talking to and how important they may end up being to your business.

LBB: Your favourite television commercial of 2018-19?

JD: WK/Nike ‘Nothing beats a Londoner’ (and not just because we supplied the TV captions, but because it’s a fact - sorry LA and Sheffield).

LBB: Why is Cannes Lions important to attend?

JD: The Lions is the event of the year for the advertising and marketing business. Where talent is recognized, opportunities revealed, new relationships created and old ones strengthened. If you’re in the business, then it is the business.

LBB: Top spot for a meeting?

JD: In the sea at The LBB Beach.

LBB: Favorite restaurant?

JD: La Brouette De Grandmere.

LBB: Favorite watering hole?

JD: Cristal Bar.

LBB: Best guest list to be on?

JD: Our beach, of course!

LBB: Top Cannes tip?

JD: It’s so easy to push yourself to the limit in Cannes. If possible, try to take some time out and explore the old town and/or the two islands (Ile Sainte-Marguerite and Ile Saint-Honorat). Restore your inner peace. I can’t believe I just said that…


Join Team ZOO in Cannes

Interested in subtitling and audio description for TV ads? We’d love to see you in Cannes! Get on our exclusive LBB Beach guest list and join us from Tuesday June 18 through to Friday June 21 at the Plage Croisette Beach.

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