When UK charity, Be Kind Movement approached us about donating our time and services to captioning and subtitling their new film, ITSY, we were delighted to support.

Since its release this year, the film is already making waves on the short film festival circuit. It was a semi-finalist at the Post Alley Film festival in the US and recently notched up three awards at The Monthly Film Festival (TMFF) – Best Trailer, Audience Award and Best Actress.

An itsy bitsy act of kindness

Directed by Amy Mathieson and Premila Puri, ITSY is a heart-warming tale about how the smallest and most surprising things can act as a catalyst for positive change.

Itsy Short Film

Set in London, Alison (Ellie Rose Boswell) is a hurried businesswoman. Each morning she wakes up and rushes off to work, brushing dismissively past her neighbors Mustafa & Fatima (Munir Khairdin and Houda Echouafni). That is until this detached daily routine is broken by the appearance of a spider on her car side mirror.

Alison soon finds herself befriending and caring for the spider in a way that transforms her approach to life and opens her eyes to the people around her.

What the film industry is saying about ITSY

The inspiring short is already getting a positive reaction from viewers and reviewers.

James Prestridge of Close-Up Culture describes the short as:

"‘Brilliantly carried off by Boswell’s highly engaging lead performance, this is a spiritually underpinned morality tale that shows acts of kindness – no matter how itsy-bitsy – can be powerful."

In her Indie Shorts Mag review, Nimisha Menon concluded:

"‘Itsy’ at the end of the day warns you against being judgmental, opens you to the world of kindness where even a single act of kindness can forge a friendship and break the ice. Rest assured, if nothing, ‘Itsy’ will make you fear spiders less!"

What next for ITSY?

ITSY will be officially screened at the Istanbul International Short Film Festival on 29 December, 2018. The production company’s goal is to showcase the short at film festivals and eventually on digital and other distribution platforms globally.

Following the festival run, the charity will showcase the film in local boroughs and educational institutions in the UK as part of its social impact strategy in 2019.

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