Over 57,000 delighted delegates and around 1,700 exhausted exhibitors have made it back from Amsterdam in one piece. Now we've had a chance to dust off and collect our thoughts, we've put together our highlights from another fantastic IBC Show.

Cloud Dubbing in The Dam

We know, no big shock here, but we had another awesome response to our cloud dubbing service in Amsterdam – and it's always fun seeing fresh faces and friends to talk dubbing done differently (among other things).


As more and more content owners get onboard with this new approach to dubbing, we're able to show that cloud-powered localization isn't just a concept. ZOO is now dubbing content from some of the biggest names in the TV and movie industry  and completing projects in a tenth of the time of traditional dubbing.

Want to know more about cloud dubbing? Read what the experts think of our industry 'game changer'.

Cloud Dubbing – Ask the Experts

Democratizing Dubbing with InBroadcast

Business development director for UK & Europe, Julian Day, couldn't wait to meet with InBroadcast to discuss the importance of our new mission – to 'democratize dubbing'.

Julian Day catches up with InBroadcast to discuss 'democratizing dubbing'

Julian Day said:

"What it's about is opening up choices for customers – giving greater access to a bigger talent pool of voice actors and dubbing directors so they're not tied and constrained by cities, geographies and relationships with existing sound studios.

"It gives [our clients] opportunities to do things differently that they couldn't do before – so it's no longer one-size-fits-all."

Welcoming ZOO Dubai

After announcing the opening of our state-of-the-art facility in Dubai, which offers secure, local services in the Middle East, we welcomed Director for Middle East Accounts & Partnerships, Imad Akbar and Business Development Manager, Yassine Illoul to the jam-packed trade show.

Team ZOO – DubaiMazin running through the ins-and-outs of cloud dubbing

ZOO International Business Development, Syed Ahmed said:

"It was great having the guys join us from our Dubai set-up. There's a lot of exciting things going on in the region, so visitors to the stand loved hearing our plans for Arabic content.

"Following a week with the rest of the team in Amsterdam, I can only wish Imad and Yassine a speedy recovery from their IBC initiation."

Talking Innovation with IABM

Need a three-minute recap of what makes ZOO Digital different? 

VP of Sales, The Americas, Tony Ferkranus spoke to IABM TV with a round-up of what we do, why we're different and how the cloud is opening up choices for content owners worldwide.

Tony Ferkranus – IABM TVTony Ferkranus gives IABM TV a three-minute round-up of ZOO Digital

Tony said:

"We're not like a traditional localization company – we do everything through the cloud with a whole team of R&D working to create solutions for our clients.

"We treat dubbing in a whole new way. Last year we launched our cloud-based dubbing service and it really is revolutionary. As its an online recording system, our clients are able to record in the cloud which makes for a very efficient way to distribute content."

Mazin tackles 4K 4Charity

Our Business Development Director for Europe, Mazin Al-Jumaili was up bright and early to tackle the 4K 4Charity Fun Run in Amstelpark in aid of two fantastic charities – Stichting NewTechKids and Iridescent.

Mazin 4K-372172-edited

Mazin might not call the morning alarm a highlight per se, but it was a fantastic atmosphere and great to see everyone getting involved for a really worthy cause. Both charities are focused on increasing diversity and inclusion in media and entertainment industry – and the race helped raise over $65k for the charities.

Join Team ZOO in Berlin

If you didn't get to see us in Amsterdam or just can't get enough of Team ZOO, we'll be travelling to Berlin next week for the Languages and The Media conference between October 3 - 5.

The conference will examine innovations and changes that are shaping the future of the media industry and the role of languages within it.

Mazin will also be also be joining Friday's Language Service Providers panel to discuss language tools, quality standards and the future of the language and media industry – so don't miss out!

Meet ZOO at LATM 2018