We know that the TV and movie industry needs dubbing talent capacity. We understand the challenges for content owners around preparing massive volumes of content for distribution to OTT platforms and to new audiences around the world. That’s why we’re using the power of the cloud to create a global network of over 50 in-territory, ZOO-Enabled Dubbing Studios (ZEDS).

A new technology and partnership approach

ZEDS partners are highly reputable independent dubbing studios we partner with in key territories. Experienced, trusted and carefully selected, ZEDS are home to the creative talent content owners want. We’ve trained each one to use ZOOdubs, our cloud dubbing platform to record and manage the dubbing process. 

Our unique approach means that we can work with any studio with the right credentials. It enables greater coverage with a far wider talent pool than if we rely on owner-operated studios. 


A collaborative global network

Our ZEDS network is about working in partnership. Being ZOO-enabled means that studios operate in the same way as they would with any localization vendor, recording to the same quality, using the same equipment – but with one key difference – they are trained to use ZOOdubs, our industry-first, award-winning cloud platform.

ZOOdubs provides a secure way to capture audio and manage the dubbing process efficiently from order to delivery. We work hand-in-hand with each ZEDS partner to refine the platform to support their way of working and provide ongoing technical support and expertise.

The benefits for content owners

The needs of content owners have been the driving force for the ZEDS network:

  • It increases access to preferred studios and dubbing talent in key territories around the world.
  • It means that the world’s most sought-after TV and movie content is managed using proven and secure ZOO systems.
  • It improves visibility so that content owners always know about project progress thanks to live data and real-time reporting.
  • It makes production efficient across the whole dubbing workflow by creating collaborative, streamlined and efficient processes.

The benefits for ZOO-enabled dubbing studios

Joining our ZEDS global network opens a world of opportunity for in-territory partners: 

  • It offers the chance to work on dubbing projects for Hollywood studios, major OTT platforms and global broadcasters.
  • It enables dubbing talent and directors to focus on performance, while technology takes the strain of administrative processes.
  • It provides an ultra-secure, quality-driven platform using world-class, cutting-edge cloud technology.

ZEDS onboarding team, Norie Negishi, Raul Aldana and Mapi Lucchesi, have long-standing relationships with many dubbing facilities and voice talent involved, some spanning over 35 years.

“It lets me work with the best talent regardless of where they are in the world. And it gives full visibility of the dubbing process to the customer. It’s a game changer.”

 – Raul Aldana, Creative Director 

Combining creativity and capacity

Localization vendors need to work together to support the entertainment industry. The ZEDS global network is a way to provide sustainable capacity and a scalable structure for us all to flourish in a booming industry with work for everyone – just done in a different way.

We have existing relationships with the biggest content owners in the business and world-class localization technology and services. Our ZEDS partners have the talent and experience – together we’re creating the perfect combination of capacity and creativity.

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