Flights booked. Super-trendy ZOO caps ordered. Awesome innovations ready. Team ZOO is all set for our impending trip to Amsterdam as we tackle Europe's most influential media, entertainment and technology exhibition – IBC Show 2018.

ZOO's worldly team of Amsterdam veterans will be out in force at Stand 5.B48 to talk all things cloud dubbing – what it is and why we can't stop shouting about it – as well as a few shiny new developments that are shaking things up in the world of localization and digital distribution.

So grab a coffee – here’s everything you need to know.


Dubbing done differently

Cloud dubbing. Backed by technological wizardry and a network of talent around the world, the entertainment industry’s first cloud dubbing service has gone from strength to strength since its launch in 2017.

It’s made a huge difference to how content owners and localization pros around the globe are dubbing their content. It’s also picked up three much-celebrated awards and managed to convert the most hardened cynics – just ask Raul.

Curious? Come ask us about it. The team will be shouting far and wide about our award-winning cloud dubbing service – so be sure to get a date in our diary and let's talk dubbing services done differently.

Super-smart facial recognition

We don’t like to tell them too often – it’s nice to keep them grounded – but our faithful R&D team are pretty smart guys.

One of our latest technological innovations is all about security, making it nigh-on impossible (and kind of pointless) to pirate the TV and movie content we’re working on. Simply put, we ruin it.

Rotoscoping – IBC 2018

ZOO's new facial recognition feature within our cloud dubbing and subtitling services selectively obscures video while keeping the essentials needed for localization clear as day.

It’s clever stuff. Ask our VP Technical Services, Chris Reilly for the ins-and-outs.

Stress-free change management

Version control and change management can be a world of blackholes and headaches.

While our clients are working relentlessly on their TV shows and movies, they’ll often send one or more preliminary proxies for us to get the localization ball rolling.

Then, when a new version comes in, it’s a pain-staking process to check where the changes have been made – an edit decision list can be a life-saver, but not always possible. So, one dialog change across a two-hour feature film? That’s (at least) two hours of meticulously checking content.

Every second counts in this industry, so we’ve built Delta to speed up the dubbing and subtitling process by automatically identifying changes in content proxies.

Ask us how it works and why it makes a huge difference to our dubbing and subtitling services.

Distribution without the guesswork

No matter how you look at it, digitally distributing TV and movie content around the world is complicated. With shrinking release windows, and so many options, making the best decision on how and where to distribute your content is key.

Scenario Planner – IBC 2018

So we’ve developed Sandbox. It aims to help content owners plan the most cost-effective strategy to reach global audiences across languages and OTT platforms, and gives more transparency about the costs involved.

It takes into account the technical requirements of each digital platform – the encoding, subtitles and dubbing, metadata and digital packaging – and lets you know the costs per territory and assets required.

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