The Cloud Dubbing Revolution Tour will be continuing in glamorous fashion as Team ZOO prepare to make noise in Germany's vibrant capital. Mazin Al-Jumaili and Julian Day will be joining red carpet guests and entertainment execs at the Berlin International Film Festival to talk cutting-edge localization and digital distribution services.

Our European biz dev duo will be attending the prestigious 69th Berlinale between February 6 – 9 – covering the huge impact of cloud dubbing and how you can benefit from seamless localization and digital distribution services this year.

Here are five reasons to get a last-minute meeting in our diary at one of the largest film festivals in the world.


Join the cloud dubbing revolution! 

The cloud dubbing revolution is shaking up how content owners take their plethora of movies and TV shows to new markets – shifting the recording studio online to make the whole process more efficient and help worldwide talent do what they do best.

So, what are you waiting for? 

After picking up a flurry of awards and attracting a stream of awesome talent from around the world, this year we have more big plans for the industry’s first cloud-powered dubbing service – and we don’t want you to miss out.

The industry’s best dubbing directors label it a ‘game-changer’ and voice artists are calling it as ‘a step ahead of everything else’, so if you don’t already… we want you to know exactly what makes cloud dubbing such a revelation – and how it can benefit you and your content in 2019.

Whether you’re an innovative content owner or ambitious voice talent, you need to be a part of our global revolution – meet Team ZOO in Berlin and find out why it’s not just us who think this is the next step in TV and movie dubbing.

Team ZOO feature at the EuroVOD Meetings

During our visit to Berlinale, both Mazin and Julian have been invited to speak at the exclusive EuroVOD Meetings to give our take on localization innovations and discuss the latest challenges facing the VoD industry.

Created by a group of European VoD platforms sharing the same vision, the EuroVOD association strives to 'defend and promote cultural diversity and the use of Video on Demand as a legal channel for the distribution of audiovisual content'.

Julian – Berlinale v4-1

Held at the European Film Market, the EuroVOD training and networking event has been specifically designed for VoD platforms and aggregators looking to share new ideas. Focussing on arthouse and independent cinema throughout Europe, the event is the perfect place to hear some finely-tuned industry insight.

If you managed to make the guest list, be sure to get in touch – we’d love to see you there!

Discover the ZOO localization ecosystem

End-to-end localization services integrating seamlessly. All territories, all formats, all platforms. All in the cloud.

Berlinale will be your first chance to find out about ZOO’s purpose-built ecosystem, connecting our cloud-powered localization services to make it easier for major studios, OTT platforms and global broadcasters to reach audiences everywhere.

Using an in-house research and development team, ZOO has created a suite of localization services that integrate with one another flawlessly. From localization production tools and resource planning to asset storage and scripting. Everything in one place.

This passes on a host of benefits to our clients including increased security, easier version control, quicker time to market and access to more worldwide talent.

Ask us how you can get your tailored solution from our living localization ecosystem.

Plan your next global distribution project

While you have us cornered in a bustling Berlin, ask us how you can get your hands on Sandbox, our digital distribution planner designed to help you maximize the potential global audience for your content.

If you have an international distribution project around the corner and need to scope out the best territories to approach, we’ve got the perfect solution. Using Sandbox, content owners can plot the most cost-effective and profitable strategy for delivering titles across multiple platforms and languages.

The planner takes into account the specific technical requirements of each digital platform – including encoding, subtitle and dubbing, metadata and digital packaging costs per territory.

With such a daunting array of choices and associated costs, it’s important we keep things simple – ask us in Berlin how you can use Sandbox to plan with transparency.

Get a sneak peek ahead of NAB 2019

As ever, we like to keep our R&D team busy ahead of the Las Vegas exhibition so we have a few exciting surprises around the corner. But if you can’t make the show, Berlinale may be an early chance to hear about what we have in store.

Mazin – Berlinale-1-1

While you’re mingling during the Berlinale build-up, see if you can pry some of our upcoming announcements from Team ZOO.

Book your meeting with Team ZOO 

From Cubix to Zoo Palast, we’ll be chatting cloud-powered localization and digital distribution – as well as the best place to find a Wiener Schnitzel…

Whether you’re new to ZOO or feeling an overdue catch-up is in order, book your meeting with us today.

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