Blimey. IBC comes around fast again, doesn’t it? ZOO will be there in force as usual – Hall 5, Stand B48 – and you will obviously be putting a meeting with the team in your show diary, so we don’t need to sell that idea to you.

But, in advance of the event, we did ask our seasoned cosmopolitan Amsterdam veterans for their sage and considered advice on how to make the best of your time at the show, aside from seeing all that's new in cloud-powered localization with ZOO Digital.

Hopefully the info below will make a positive difference to your trip, and apologies if a few ZOO benefits slipped in there. They just can’t help themselves.

Gordon Doran 

President (Scottish)

"Mentholated Talc – Seemingly a Dutch exclusive, this is a ZOO must-have. Buy it at any chemist as soon as you arrive and a generous application will ensure you’re minty fresh for your day on the show floor and in the right frame of mind to learn all about how ZOO is changing the game in the language dubbing world."

Gordon – Cloud dubbing-111996-edited

Chris Reilly

VP Technical Services (Scottish-ish)

"Look out for freebies for the kids as you walk around. In amongst the mints and the lanyards there’s normally some fun stuff that your five-year-old will love. Come and see me on the ZOO stand for advice – I seem to have a knack for sniffing the best freebies out. I can also tell you about the benefits of working with ZOO for your localization projects."

Julian Day

Director of Business Development (English)

"Use the big VFX stands for strategic rests. Their demo areas generally have the comfiest chairs and tend to be quite dark. ZOO’s stand has no comfy chairs and is brightly lit so isn’t any good for snoozing, but it is good for seeing our latest software and services in blinding clarity."

Mazin Al-Jumaili 

Director of Business Development (English)

"Tums, Pepto-Bismol, Rennies, vitamin C and everything between. Stock up and self-medicate strategically. Come see ZOO for supplies – we’ll have loads. Whilst you’re still vulnerable, I may take the opportunity to fill your brain with the latest in cloud dubbing."

Maz demo-937622-edited

Syed Ahmed

Director of International Business Development (American)

"Go outside for lunch. The places in the RAI are improving but there are good cafes and restaurants just outside Hall 5. I have a particular favourite that is well worth a visit. Stop by the stand and I’ll give you the details. After I’ve brought you up to speed on our latest ventures in Dubai and Thailand…"

Tony Ferkranus 

VP of Sales, The Americas (Canadian-Dutch)

“We komen nu al jaren naar IBC en hebben een goede lijst met geweldige restaurants en enkele kleine barretjes. Kom naar me toe en als we klaar zijn met praten over hoe geweldig de ZOO-service is, zal ik je de details geven. Ik zal zelfs de straatnamen correct uitspreken.” *

Tony interview-031372-edited

Craig Pepe

Executive Director of Sales, North America (American)

"Get your Uber to pick you up outside the AMRO bank opposite the entrance to Hall 5 to avoid the traffic. Just in case any of the others haven’t mentioned it yet, Hall 5 is also where you’ll find the awesomeness of ZOO."

Meet ZOO at IBC

We’ve been coming to IBC for years now and have a good list of great restaurants as well as some knockout little bars.  Come and see me and, once we’ve finished talking about how awesome the ZOO service is, I’ll give you the details.  I’ll even pronounce the street names correctly.