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Dubbing done differently.

MIPCOM – Meet Jules   MIPCOM – Meet Joe   MIPCOM – Meet Maz

Meet Jules, Joe and Mazin to discover dubbing done
differently. ZOOdubs is our award-winning dubbing platform that helps you...

Access more voice talent than ever before.

Get recording sessions right first time, on time, everytime.

Gain full visibility and control of the dubbing process.



Visit us at MIPCOM 2017 between the 16 and 19 October to discover dubbing done differently.


Tired of hearing the same voices in your dubbed content?

Lines of audio often missed during your dubbing sessions?

Need to know the progress of your dubbing project in an instant?

Want to speed up the dubbing process and complete projects faster?

IABM Winner

Ask us about ZOOdubs at MIPCOM 2017.

ZOOdubs – Best of Show


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