How do I manage the localization of theatrical marketing content?

  • Do you create marketing content that needs to be produced in multiple languages and formats for your international markets?
  • Do you struggle to manage tricky approvals situations, with conflicting ideas of what should be done?
  • Do you have a chaotic mix of spreadsheets, emails, attachments and media files with no clear picture of the current status of any project?

Yes? – then a cloud-based ZOOcore workflow management system can help.


  • ZOOcore provides any creative team with a means to bring control and order to working processes for the first time.
  • Our clients use their ZOOcore sites to track and respond to changing client requirements, to distribute proofs and initiate collaborative review and markup of print, audio and video materials.
  • Customized ZOOcore systems provide a convenient way to offer team-wide visibility of project status, and to centralize assets and materials with rigorous version control built in as standard. This means no one ever mistakenly uses the wrong version of a document.

Case Study

The international marketing team for a major Hollywood studio uses a ZOOcore system to manage the production of all international theatrical marketing materials. Find out more