How do I build a definitive library of localized materials for a commercial film archive?

  • Do you end up duplicating work when producing packages of delivery materials for individual distributors?
  • Are you confident of always supplying the correct subtitle streams as part of this package?

Use ZOOsubs as a centralized repository for subtitle information from which distribution packages can be created on demand.

  • ZOO can work with you to provide a centralized repository of subtitle materials for your entire catalog.
  • ZOOsubs holds a reliable source of subtitle information for each title in every language.
  • ZOO’s Quality Control team inspects each available language stream for every title for content, timing and positioning.
  • ZOOsubs stores the subtitles in its online database so that they can be downloaded in whatever format required without incurring additional fees.

Case Study

Throughout its 80 year history one major film studio has built a valuable back catalog of over 800 feature film titles. These have each been localized into many languages. The studio’s licensing group is tasked with making deals with broadcasters and network TV channels to air these titles on televisions all around the world.

Through its adoption of ZOOsubs , this major film studio has reduced the costs of creating each distribution package, shortened the time taken and improved the quality and reliability of deliverables. Find out more.